Manga Mavericks EP. 33: “Delicious in Dungeon”


Ever wanted to know what a slime monster tastes like? Apparently mangaka Ryoko Kui did. This week the Manga Mavericks fill up on her D&D-inspired cooking manga Delicious in Dungeon, recently published over in the west by Yen Press. Did it whet the boys’ appetite for a fantasy cooking manga, or did it leave a bad aftertaste? If you’ve read my review of the first volume, you can probably guess, but listen and find out anyways!

Before that, we’ve of course got news to deal with! We run down Oricon’s latest semi-annually top-selling charts, exciting upcoming new manga, and changes going on in Weekly Shonen Jump’s lineup, including the addition of two new Jump Starts, Shudan! and Cross Account! Shudan! already debuted in this week’s Jump, and it’s one of the best first chapters I’ve read in a while. Definitely look forward to us discussing it more in-depth on the next episode of the show. Between the news and our Dungeon discussion, this is a short but sweet episode that’ll be sure to satisfy your cravings for great manga talk!

Oh, and in case you didn’t know I made an anti-piracy rap. I was inspired by the Anime Cypher challenge and wanted to so something like that. Except none of the people I tagged have answered the call. Guess I’m the only real gangsta in this community after all!


00:22 – Introductions


00:55 – Monthly Bookscan List: May 2017
03:44 – Top Selling Manga in Japan by Series 2017
16:16 – Top Selling Light Novels in Japan by Series 2017
22:08 – Spice & Wolf Manga Will End in Its 16th Volume
22:48 – Tokiwa Kitaeri!! Ended
24:32 – There’s Extra Content in Hayate the Combat Butler’s Final Two Volumes
25:32 – Nami Sano’s New Series
29:29 – Kei Sanbe’s New Series
30:19 – Yuki Kodama’s New Series
30:57 – Satoshi Mizukami’s New Series
33:17 – Otoko Zaka moves to Shonen Jump+ in July
35:53 – Boruto gets 2nd novel in July
36:55 – We Never Learn’s First Volume Gets a Second Printing
39:05 – Hunter X Hunter Will Run Viz’s Shonen Jump When it Returns
39:45 – Samon the Summoner & U19 End
43:05 – New Jump Starts!: Shudan! & Cross Account
49:05 – Orange Gets a 7th Volume
49:45 – Happy Mania Gets a New Chapter
51:22 – Captain Tsubasa Passes the 100th Volume Milestone!
53:42 – J-Novel Club Licenses Clockwork Planet Novels
54:22 – Princess Jellyfish Simulpub Coming Soon!

56:20 – Delicious in Dungeon Discussion

1:21:28 – Wrap-Up & Future Plans

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