Manga Mavericks @ Movies #8: “Marvel’s Inhumans”


Marvel’s Inhumans is inhumane. The Mavericks are joined by their Jack Kirby-loving friend Jonathan to discuss the first two episodes of the latest Marvel misfire, which they made they grave mistake of seeing on the big screen. Topics include the history of the Inhumans, why Marvel is pushing them as a franchise, and their mistreatment of the X-Men. There’s also a lot of tangents about a variety of topics ranging from Jimmy Neutron to the Aqua Bats. It’s a fun conversation about a not-so-fun show!


00:36 – Intro & Tangents About Mumkey Jones, Boruto, Black Clover, & Youtube Monetization
08:30 – Why Was the Inhumans TV Show Made?
10:25 – Tangents About Conspiracies & The Aqua Bats
13:22 – Doorbell Interruption #1
14:45 – Who are the Inhumans?
18:50 – Doorbell Interruption #2
20:50 – Who are the Inhumans? cont.
29:00 – Scott Buck Shouldn’t be a Showrunner
31:25 – Medusa Looks Terrible
34:51 – Black Bolt is an Asshole
42:15 – The Inhumans are Inhumane
48:00 – They’re Cutting Corners Everywhere
1:03:45 – Why Marvel Needs to Stop Pushing the Inhumans
1:26:00 – Wrap-Up

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