Manga Mavericks @ Movies #1: “Our Favorite Movies of 2016!”


The Manga Mavericks have expanded into the realm of movies! Well, half of them anyway. Manga Mavericks @ Movies is a new spinoff of Manga Mavericks hosted and edited by LumRanmaYasha, who visits cinemas at least once a week to watch movies and has been eager to find an outlet to talk about what he’s seen. Movie Mavericks will likely be an irregularly released podcast until the summer, but you can expect it to come out within a week of the hottest new comic and nerdy movie releases!

In this inaugural episode LumRanmaYasha is joined by his brother VlordGTZ as they say goodbye to 2016 and bring in the new year by ranking our favorite movies from last year! Will your favorites make the list? Will your name make the list? Well, why not listen and find out!

Podcast Breakdown:

00:05 – Introducing Movie Mavericks!
03:26 – Movies We Missed From 2016
14:41 – Our Favorite Movies From 2016!
1:37:35 – Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2017
1:50:50 – Wrap-Up

Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @manga_mavericks and on tumblr at, and the hosts at @lumranmayasha and @VLordGTZ. If there’s something you want to ask that’s too big to tweet, drop us a line in the comments below, or e-mail us at! Thanks for listening!