Welcome to the brand new Everybody Else column! Most comic book fans already know or can read about what Superman and Batman are up to each week. Everybody hears about Marvel’s event of the week that is crossing over between all their titles. What about everybody else though? Sure you may know that Image, Dark Horse, or Valiant exist, but do you know all of their titles? What about lesser known publishers like Action Lab, Aftershock, or Black Mask? There are so many good books out there that it’s no wonder they get lost in the cacophony of titles that come out each week. Even with some of the bigger lesser-known publishers, it is sometimes hard to decide what to pick up, especially if you are on a budget. This column aims to call attention to some of the best releases of the week as well as introduce you to the creators behind them. Some creators you may recognize from work they have done for the Big 2, while others you may have never heard of before. They all have works that are flying under the radar, but should be noticed. Join me in getting to know everybody else that are getting overlooked, forgotten, or hidden from view.

There’s definitely no shortage of creative stories or eye-catching artwork this week. The picks for this Wednesday are mostly books from series that have already started, but you should definitely jump in and start on them now. There’s mostly Image Comics on the list this week, but that’s only because they have so many great series running right now. If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know! Please feel free to @ me on twitter: chrisacampbell

Black Cloud 2Black Cloud #2 – Image Comics

By Ivan Brandon, Jason Latour, Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson

Black Cloud is a tale about storytelling and the worlds created because of it. It takes a look at the power of our spoken words and the people that would like to take advantage of it.  The first issue showed a lot of promise with an interesting story and terrific art. The world that Brandon, Latour, Hinkle, and Wilson are creating is different and keeps the reader intrigued page after page. Pick up this one for great art and magical storytelling.

Grass Kings 3Grass Kings #3 – BOOM! Studios

By Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins

Grass Kings is the story of a man who lost everything when he lost his daughter. Many years later, a young woman stumbles into his life and he must protect her at the cost of losing what little he has left. The story continues to be hauntingly beautiful and sad at the same time. There’s no magic or super powers in this story, just life. Often times, life is far more interesting than fantasy and Kindt proves that with this story. This issue ups the stakes quite a bit for everyone involved, so now is a good time to jump on. The artwork continues to be gorgeous and worth more than the cover price by itself.

Regression 1Regression #1 – Image Comics

By Cullen Bunn, Danny Luckert, Marie Enger

Regression will more than likely end up being my pick of the week. It is amazing, terrifying, gory and good! It is the story of a young man dealing with hallucinations that seem to be connected to past lives. Bunn’s writing paired with Luckert’s art will really connect you to the story and it’s main character. Watch ou,t you may find yourself questioning your own reality if you let yourself get to wrapped up in the story. If you have a queasy stomach then this may not be for you, but grab some Pepto and power through. It’s worth it.

AD After Death 3A.D. After Death #3 – Image Comics

By Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire

This is the final issue of Snyder and Lemire’s superb collaboration. The series deals with the cure for death and one man’s struggles with immortality. Snyder’s amazing prose is almost artwork on its own, but pair it with Lemire’s unique style and you have something very special.

Medisin 1Medisin #1 – Action Lab Entertainment

By Jeff Dyer, Mark McKeon, David Brame, Joaquin Pereyra

Medisin has an intriguing premise that isn’t dealt with enough in stories: what happens after the battles that take place between hero and villain? Who cleans up the mess from the mighty clashes? Who takes care of the wounded villain? Who would even want to have to do that job? This series may be an interesting read in the long run and definitely worth checking out this week.

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