A mysterious female Pirate. A search for an ancient machine. A young man’s dream to join the Pirate’s ranks. Titan1 Studios has just announced a new one shot issue set in their Relativity Universe that will take readers on an adventure in the open sea. It looks like it will be an intriguing story and has a great art style that is reminiscent of the Manga Queen Emeraldas. Check out the publishers description below:


Written by Mike Heneghan
Art by Abel Garcia and Manoli Martinez,
Lettering by Aditya Bidikar
Created by: Mike Heneghan & Rathan Moorthy

 A swashbuckling NEW Relativity Universe adventure from the Arabian Sea!

 The Relativity Universe expands to the Arabian Sea with a swashbuckling new adventure! The day her Black Ship came into port, the Pirate Sayyida left her mark on a young Boy on shore, triggering a lifelong obsession with the Rebel Leader. Now the Boy is a young Man, and part of her crew. When the King of Siraf offers Sayyida a pardon in exchange for seeking an ancient site rumoured to house a buried Relativity Machine, the young Man begins to see that Sayyida might be more than she appears. Or less.

In Shops: July 2017 (32-Pages) FC | M
SRP: $3.99

About The Author Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell lives in Houston, TX with his family where he works for a local restaurant and devours comic books in his free time. He loves all aspects of comics: the artwork, the written word, and even though he is color blind: the amazing colors! Chris has spent many hours doodling super heroes over the years but dreams of one day writing his own comic books. He has been a comic book fan since his first pair of Superman Underoos in 1977 and wishes he still had them...a new pair not the same pair. He spent every Saturday morning watching the Super Friends and every weekday watching FIlmation’s Superman, Batman and Aquaman cartoons. Chris was fortunate his grandmother had kept a number of his dad's old comic books and spent hours rereading them. When he turned 16 his parents gave him a stack of comics from the 60s and he became a collector from then on. Superman books are his favorite but he will read anything with a good story. His newest philosophy on comic books is not to worry about bags and boards but just to enjoy them. Chris feels blessed to live in a time where so many comics are brought to life on the big and small screens. Finally, the geeks have taken over the world.