By Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, Msassyk, and Aditya Bidikar

ISOLA is a soon to be released book from Image that is a new comic classic just waiting to be discovered. This fantasy tale follows Rook, an inexperienced huntsman and warrior who is escorting Queen Olwyn to the mysterious and legendary land of ISOLA.  This first issue only touches on the wonders to behold on ISOLA; it is described as a place full of magic that can cure all curses.  Which is perfect, because the queen has been cursed and is in desperate need of a remedy.  This issue really makes you believe in the power of ISOLA and in the devotion Rook has for her queen.

Picture a Disney movie, with a morbid streak and that begins to describe the art in ISOLA.  yeah you have the bid dewey eyes on the main character, but you also get to see animals being killed and ripped apart.  This issue features lines from Kerschl, colors from Msassyk, and letters from Bidikar.  The artwork that frames each page is gorgeous and exudes warmth and richness from the colors, to the details in very character and panel.  There is an innocence in the drawing from Kerschl that gives it the Disney likeness, but the content from writer Fletcher elevates the story beyond colloquial fairy tale and into the realm of fantasy bad ass heroines in comics. This embolden new universe feels so fresh and so real on every page of ISOLA #1, this is certain to catch a lot of people’s attention.

You can imagine Fletcher is patting himself on the back after this first issue.  He delivers a major shocking surprise within the first few pages no one saw coming so, one can assume he surely has many more tricks up his sleeves for this series.  From a first issue, that is not an easy thing to do.  This issue has so much to be proud of with such gorgeous art, a captivating story, a fully fleshed out and intriguing universe, and the two main characters are strong ass women.  It’s so nice to see the inclusion of woman, but in this story it feels right for the warrior protecting the queen to be Rook, who happens to be female and the Queen to be her bad ass self.  By the end of the issue, you fully understand the dynamic these two have and you are going to find yourself continuously rooting for Rook to succeed and hoping that they make it to ISOLA.

ISOLA #1 is one of the best introductory issues to a new series out there.  The charm and uniqueness to this book will leave a lasting impression on you, one that will make you want to keep reading issue after issue.  Fletcher and Kerschl really have something special here in their creative collaboration.  Every page is filled with enchanting art that acts as a complete enhancement to Fletcher’s universe.  Great comics are hard to find, but this one will jump out at you on the shelves with its mesmerizing art and gripping story.

ISOLA #1 will be released April 4th from Image Comics


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