By Gabby Rivera, Stacey Lee with Flaviano, and Jordan Gibson with Chris O’Halloran

America #11 continues the fun and incredibly enjoyable adventures of America Chavez. Given what’s happened at Sotomayor University in the past it’s almost a relief for the main characters to have things back to normal, allowing Rivera to set aside the issue for mostly exploring how much America has changed and grown since her introduction as a character.

The action sequences in this issue don’t take place until the very end, and even then they are infrequent. America #11 uses them, and much of the issue, to focus on the relationship between America and her grandmother which shines as a result. It brings a full display of vivid imagery to the table that artists Lee and Flaviano, and colorists Jordan Gibson and Chris O’Halloran, make the most of, continuing to remind readers just how unique and well-designed this book is, and how, over the past eleven issues, it has very much cemented its place as part of one of the most underrated titles in Marvel’s line-up right now.

The artwork is vibrant, great, and colorful. The scenes where America heads through the portal to Madrimar are among the most stylish and stunning as the gradual shift towards a lighter tone feels perfectly natural and really suits the progression from a relatively grounded university setting into outer space. The character design almost goes for a cartoonish feel at times, but it really works within the tone of the of the overall issue and again, gives America a unique look and feel that makes it a clear standout read.

This issue is proof that not every comic needs a standard comic book villain of the week to shine, and whilst there is a small mandatory fight sequence, it only serves to play to character work. The book acts as the first part of a new arc, but it’s probably not one for new readers who aren’t caught up with the series already. Reading from the beginning is a hundred percent worth your time to catch up on this series, however.

The book addresses the aftermath of the attack on Sotomayor University with optimism of a better future, a future free from the regressions of the past that held the characters back. Whilst most of the time is spent away from the university, it’s clear that the impact of the fallout from the previous attack is addressed, and handled in an effective way that wraps up any fallout on a strong note that doesn’t leave any loose ends.

America #11 is another excellent read from a series that has continued to prove incredibly entertaining and is easily a top-tier Marvel book that has swept under everyone’s radar. America Chavez is one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe right now and Rivera has been crafting an excellent corner of it for her to inhabit with fantastic results. There’s nothing else quite like America on shelves at the moment, and you’d be doing yourself a real disservice if you’re not reading this book.

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