Dragon Ball Super, Episode 129, might just be the best episode from the series to date. This was an episode that moved faster than any other but was, in actuality, the same length as the previous 128 episodes.



With Universe 7’s very existence on the line, and Goku battling Jiren from Universe 11, in the final moments of the Tournament of Power, once again Goku pushes his own limits to the next level, a treat in any episode. Its’ a staple of the series, seen time and time again, but it’s hard to recall another time when Goku’s next level, and next hair style, was so epic that a breather was necessary after the episode. Save for the original Super Saiyan form from Dragon Ball Z, when Goku was fighting Frieza because really, who doesn’t remember that moment, and the four plus episodes it took to complete, like it was yesterday.

With Goku mastering the Ultra Instinct form in order to take on Jiren’s seemingly endless and massive power, teased twice before but never fully completed, the shift seems to be finally in play. For a while there, at least the last four or five episodes, it seemed like Universe 7 was doomed to fail and be erased from existence. Which, of course, would be an insane shocker but that would certainly be one hell of a twist. Instead (and honestly with a sigh of relief) vintage Dragon Ball Goku emerges ready to conquer all odds and save not only Earth, this time, but the entire universe.

Jiren is still in the fight, but he’s on his heels in the face of Goku’s new found power for the first time since the tournament began. Watching the speed, and style and electricity, both literal and otherwise, made for an utterly unforgettable episode of Dragon Ball. After seeing episode after episode of Goku and the rest of Universe 7 getting their asses handed to them by Jiren, supposedly with ease, it’s oddly gratifying to see him take some heavy hits. Sure, Jiren is not a bad guy per se, he’s certainly not Frieza or Cell or the like, but he’s the singular road block in the way of Dragon Ball continuing to exist. So wear that villain’s crown, Jiren: it’s time for that whooping you’ve had coming to you since your cocky ass first showed up.

Of course, we’re going to have to wait another week for more between these two mega-powers. Vintage Dragon Ball all the way, here. Who’s to say that episode 130 will even be a resolution to the fight. In Tournament Time, there has to be minutes remaining, less than five for sure. But if we’ve learned anything from Dragon Ball Z that could still last another handful of episodes. Either way, it’s going to be on helluva conclusion that no fan of this series is going to want to miss. Oh, and where the hell is Angel Frieza in all this? He’s still creeping around somewhere, isn’t he? Maybe there’s a chance for Frieza to redeem himself by pulling off some last minute save, if things go bad for Goku?

So… is the next episode out yet? Because this is excruciating! Bring it on, Ultra Instinct Goku!

Dragon Ball

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