Kodansha Comics announces Fairy Tail Final Volume Celebration online countdown and in-store #FairyTailDay for January 27

Fairy Tail

Countdown to Volume 63 release starts January 18 at online interactive site—and celebrations to take place in participating bookstores on January 27

San Francisco, Calif. (January 17, 2018)—The iconic manga series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima, one of North America’s—and the world’s— all-time best-selling comics, will be releasing its final volume—Volume 63—on January 23. To mark the eventFairy Tail publisher Kodansha Comics will commence an interactive online countdown starting January 18, followed by #FairyTailDay celebrations at participating bookstores across the country on January 27


The Fairy Tail Final Volume Celebration online countdown—which will take place in “chapters” debuting across several days until January 23— features the debut of videos starring Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima and a special thank-you message. It also allows fans one last interactive whirl with some of their favorite Fairy Tail characters. Media members can preview the countdown at this link.

And then, after the book release on January 23, fans will have one more chance to party with their fellow Fairy Tail friends “IRL” on #FairyTailDay January 27 at over 50 participating bookstores.

The first 50 fans to show up at participating stores on #FairyTailDay will receive an exclusive, full-color, 48-page, comic-book version of the final chapter of Fairy Tail. This will be the only way to get this Fairy Tail Day-exclusive chapter.

Those who show up in cosplay are eligible to win a free enamel pin. Creative types will have a shot at a pin in the “Design Your Own Guild Mark” contest. All attendees will be able to take photos in front of an exclusive Fairy Tail Day photo backdrop. Fans who hashtag #FairyTailDay on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter will also qualify for a surprise.

A list of participating locations is viewable here. Fans should check with their local stores to confirm start times.


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