On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we manage to record an episode before Sid joins Vlord to head out to Los Angeles for Anime Expo! Which means we didn’t have much time to dedicate to getting ready for another long series discussion, but we did sit down to talk about our first impressions of Hiro Mashima’s first chapter of Eden’s Zero! We discuss why we think the first chapter of this new series is already a lot better executed then most of Fairy Tail and where we hope the series goes in the future, but not before we talk about our fair share of news! Including a list of the top selling media franchises in Japan in 2018 so far, Tite Kubo’s upcoming new one shot, and Seven Seas’ biggest LGBTQ manga license to date!


0:00:22 – Intro

0:01:21 – Top Selling Media Franchises in Japan 2018 (First Half)

0:12:55 – Dokaben manga ends after 46 years

0:14:46 – Tsuredure Children ends

0:15:31 – Attack on Titan: Before the Fall reaches final arc

0:18:11 – Comic Birz manga to continue online

0:19:58 – Young King Bull launches on August 4th

0:21:21 – Another One Piece spinoff launches on Jump app

0:22:24 – Hiro Mashima reveals Fairy Tail spinoff manga

0:23:21 – Kenshiro Sakamoto launches Fairy Tail spinoff about Happy

0:24:42 – Tite Kubo’s  “Burn the Witch” 1-shot manga debuts on July 14th

0:27:06 – Kodansha’s July digital-first debuts

0:32:09 – Tokyopop licenses Yuri Kuma Arashi

0:34:04 – Cross Infinite World licenses The Eccentric Master and the Fake Lover

0:38:24 – Seven Seas licenses Yuhki Kamatani’s Shimanami Tasogare

0:43:05 – Udon Ent.’s Morpheus Classics Line becomes separate company

0:44:38 – Konosuba is getting a movie!


0:46:43 – Eden’s Zero review

1:22:39 – Wrap-Up


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On our next episode we’ll be discussing the classic Jump soccer manga Whistle! By Daisuke Higuchi, commemorating both the World Cup as well as the series’ 20th anniversary! If you have any Whistle!-related comments, questions, or discussion topics you’d like us to talk about, please send them our way either in the comments below, in our Discord server, commenting in the Manga Mavericks thread on Animation Revelation, tweeting them to us, or by sending an e-mail to mangamavericks@gmail.com! And as always, thanks for listening!


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