Manga Mavericks Ep 59: “The (Now Named) Nameless Man”


ANOTHER news-only episode?! What is this, 2016? Don’t worry folks, we’ll have series to cover and topics to discuss very soon! We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ll be implementing some changes that we think you’ll be really happy with starting from the next episode onwards. We’re committed to bringing on more guests and talking about more than shonen series, not just other manga, but discussion-forum episodes on important topics that deserve a thorough dialogue. We’ve got a lot of plans, and here’s hoping we’ll be able to follow through on some of them before the year’s out!

For now, it’s just the two of us and the news, but it’s quite a crop of news! We’ve got an MHA-dominated Bookscan list, new simulpubs at Crunchyroll, a Promised Neverland character popularity poll, and a whole lot more to cover! Listen and be entertained as Colton tries to blindly guess who the top ten most popular Promised Neverland characters are after not having read the series for a couple months. He didn’t even know the Nameless Man is now named!


0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:42 – August 2018 Bookscan List
0:08:45 – Q Hayashida launches new manga in 2019
0:10:06 – Naoki Urasawa launches new manga in Big Comic Spirits
0:15:30 – Akiro Hiramoto launches new manga
0:17:11 – Gundam Thunderbolt goes on hiatus
0:17:58 – Terraformars goes on hiatus
0:18:33 – Back Street Girls ends
0:20:34 – Invade You ends
0:21:27 – New Jump Starts Debut
0:24:37 – Hunter x Hunter returns on Sept 24th
0:28:13 – The Promised Neverland has entered its final arc
0:30:59 – Gintama ends in Jump, moves to Jump Giga
0:37:59 – Content announced for 1st Tezucomi Magazine
0:41:27 – Animage magazine gets first digital edition
0:42:07 – Denpa licenses Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family
0:43:39 – Crunchyroll licenses three new Square Enix manga
0:48:09 – Cross Infinite World licenses emeth: Island of Golems
0:49:49 – New York Review publishes collection of Tadao Tsuge manga
0:51:14 – FUNimation’s license to The Woman Called Fujiko Mine expires
0:57:33 – NYCC to host Harold Sakuishi
0:58:30 – New Crunchyroll membership tier includes J-Novel Club subscription
0:59:06 – Global Road files for Bankruptcy
1:00:34 – Yugi joins Jump Force
1:03:57 – Promised Neverland Character Popularity Poll results

1:16:33 – Wrap Up

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