Manga Mavericks Ep 60: Not Another News Episode!


On this episode of Manga Mavericks, what was supposed to be an episode discussing the latest Jump Starts from Shonen Jump and My Hero Academia goodness with Maxy Barnard of Friendship Effort Victory, turned out to be another news episode again! We promise you’ll get to hear that discussion next time, but in the meantime, we have plenty of news to keep us busy! Including unfortunate news for Yusuke Murata’s Back To The Future manga, another tidal wave of licenses from Seven Seas, and just how well My Hero Academia: Two Heroes has been doing at the box office! We PROMISE we’ll have a non-news episode next time, but enjoy a shorter episode until then!


00:00 – Intro

00:58 – Yusuke Murata’s Back to the Future manga cancelled
02:34 – Tomo-chan is a Girl ends with 8th volume
03:23 – Detective Conan currently on 9 week hiatus
04:26 – Tokyo Tarereba Girls gets 3 new chapters
05:14 – M&C licenses The Secret of Girls
06:28 – Viz Media releases MHA One Shot manga: “All Might Rising”
08:00 – Viz licenses Snow White with the Red Hair
09:32 – New Kodansha Licenses: October Edition
14:56 – New J-Novel Club licenses
17:49 – New Seven Seas License (and Kaoru Mori manga available digitally)
27:38 – Manga Translation Battle of Professionals
30:33 – Alita film pushed back to February 14th
31:34 – My Hero Academia Two Heroes is a hit at the box office!
35:48 – Jump Force Updates (More characters, original characters, and a release date!)

39:07 – Its Over Already!?

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