Manga Mavericks Ep 65 – We Support Kohske


On this episode of Manga Mavericks, its time once again (as much as we try and avoid it) for another news episode, but to spice things up, we’re joined once again by our lovable, chicken hating friend from Friendship Effort Victory, Maxy Barnard, as we discuss GANGSTA. author Kohske’s recent outcry on Twitter against scanlations of her work and how we feel about people’s responses to her tweets, as well as manga piracy in general.

Other topics and news pieces we discuss on this episode include Maxy’s excitement over new things coming from Grand Jump, the new Goku balloon being featured in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and the announcement of a live action Hollywood Attack on Titan movie! Enjoy!!


0:00:00 – Intro


0:01:52 – Shonen Jump manga shorts continue with Yusei Matsui and Tadatoshi Fujimaki

0:04:54 – Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World novels to end at Volume 3

0:07:46 – Anonymous Noise ends in 5 chapters

0:09:11 – Shueshia launches two new Grand Jump sister magazines

0:22:10 – New Digital First Licenses from Kodansha

0:32:13 – New Cross Infinite World Licenses

0:35:20 – Sol Press to launch digital manga/visual novel platform

0:45:41 – 92nd Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will feature a Goku balloon

0:55;57 – Andy Muschietti to direct Hollywood Attack on Titan film

1:02:07 – Updates on dissolving Crunchyroll/Funimation partnership


Discussion Topic:

1:05:34 – Kohske asks scanlators to stop sharing GANGSTA.


Community Shout-outs!

1:39:11 – Anime Feminist Interview /w Mamoru Hosoda

1:42:48 – Spiral Radio podcast from DaLadyBug Productions

1:47:21 – Annaliese Christman’s Themed FF art months on Twitter (Noctvember, Promptober, Scientember, ArdynAugust, Julyfreya)


1:50:21 – Wrap Up


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