On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we have another super huge news roundup for you! But its not just any news roundup, as we dedicate at least an hour to the latest Shonen Jump news! We start off the show by discussing the latest evolution of Viz’s Shonen Jump from digital magazine to free subscription service and whatever tidbits we could find out on before its launch tomorrow on Monday, December 17th! Everything from new simulpubs to access to nearly all of Viz’s Jump manga for an incredibly low price! We also discuss our thoughts on some of the new series that have premiered so far, such as Tatsuki Fujimaki’s Chainsaw Man, as well as the official RWBY manga by Bunta Kinami! Afterwards we have about 2 more hours worth of news to cover, ranging from Japan’s latest moves against manga piracy, the results of My Hero Academia‘s latest character popularity polls, and the huge amount of anime related content coming to Netflix in 2019! Its an episode stacked with a lot of huge news, so we hope you enjoy it until the next episode of Manga Mavericks!


0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:29 – Viz’s Shonen Jump Turns into a Free Service!!

0:36:42 – First Impressions of Chainsaw Man

0:55:33 – First Impressions of RWBY: The Official Manga

1:10:48 – Last Round Arthurs receives manga adaptation

1:13:51 – Creamy Mami spinoff manga

1:18:14 – Nisekoi Manga Gets New Spinoff Chapter

1:19:28 – Sound Euphonium gets 2 new novels

1:20:54 – New Promised Neverland novel spinoff about Isabella coming

1:27:09 – Dragon Ball Super manga has entered Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc

1:34:47 – Attack on Titan is entering its final arc!

1:43:11 – Haruhi Suzumiya 4 panel gag manga ends Dec 26th

1:44:28 – Alicia’s Diet Quest ends in January

1:46:20 – New web manga from Toshiya Wakabayashi (Kanako’s Life as an Assassin)

1:50:15 – New one-shot by Kotoyama which may or may not be Dagashi Kashi related

1:51:40 – Katsuhiro Otomo currently working on new manga

1:52:34 – Takako Shimura launches new manga this Spring 2019

1:53:22 – New series from Rumiko Takahashi coming Spring 2019

1:55:30 – Ryohgo Narita’s new live-action series and manga

1:57:48 – New Osamu Tezuka biographical manga

2:00:13 – Yen Press licenses Konosuba spinoff novels about Megumin

2:01:37 – Anime Writers Yu Yamamoto & Ko Takashina pass away

2:04:36 – Tokyo Court declares Youtube must regulate manga spoilers

2:07:13 – Japan aims to impose penalties for downloading illegal books

2:10:40 – Woman receives 10-year sentence in China for writing Boys Love novels

2:14:26 – Korea’s largest illegal manga website shuts down

2:16:41 – Pokemon: The Power of Us Box Office Gross

2:22:31 – MHA: Two Heroes opens in the Top 10 in Mexico

2:23:47 – The results of My Hero Academia’s 4th Popularity Poll (US & JP)

2:36:26 – Vote for your favorite Goku fights!

2:42:44 – Katsuhiro Otomo cites a Tetsuya Chiba as an influence

2:45:23 – New Gundam Film Trilogy announced

2:48:16 – Live-action film adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara

2:52:15 – 7SEEDS receiving anime adaptation from Netflix

2:54:33 – Netflix to produce live-action Cowboy Bebop series

2:58:28 – Netflix acquires Neon Genesis Evangelion for streaming (/w new English dub)

3:01:26 – Trailer for Netflix’s Saint Seiya drops, debuts next summer

3:04:57 – Netflix to premiere new Ghost in the Shell anime in 2020

3:06:23 – Crunchyroll & Adult Swim produce new Blade Runner anime series

3:08:08 – Mamoru Hosoda’s Mirai receives various nominations


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3:11:48 – Grant’s One Piece Manga Thread

3:16:26 – Anime Feminist Indigogo (with more info located here)

3:20:47 – Every Ashita no Joe Reference in Megalo Box from Caribou Coon


3:22:58 – Wrap-up



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