Manga Mavericks @ Movies #15: “Tokyo Ghoul & IT (2017)”


Manga Mavericks @ Movies month continues! In this installment, we jump forward from March 2017 to October, a month Hollywood typically reserves for horror. And boy did we see two scary movies that month…scary good movies that is! In fact, unlike Ghost in the Shell and Power Rangers, these films were adaptations of beloved franchises that were well-received! Which two films could we mean? Well, if the title didn’t tip it off, they’re the Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie and the IT remake! Where did these films succeed as adaptions where GITS and Power Rangers failed? Join the Mavericks to find out! Don’t worry if you’re skeptical that our assessments will hold up…by the end of this podcast, I guarantee that you’ll float too.


00:30 – Intro
02:49 – Tokyo Ghoul
27:12 – IT (2017)
53:17 – Wrap-up

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