2017 saw Valiant Entertainment introduce a slew of new female characters in starring roles. Even traditionally male-led titles such as Bloodshot Salvation and X-O Manowar debuted relevant supporting cast members. From Bloodshot Salvation’s Jessie to Secret Weapons’ Nikki, these diverse characters spoke to an important segment of Valiant’s growing fan-base: female readers.  Let’s take a look at some of the new female characters who made an indelible impression on fans.


Nikki Finch. Art by Raul Allen.

Nikki Finch (Psiot; Ability to communicate with birds. Gifted gymnast.)
Nikki sprang out of the pages of Secret Weapons and into the hearts of fans. Caring, resourceful, and plucky, Nikki is a beacon of hope and strength for her friends. Harada may have cast her away in an “orphanage” for misfit psiots, but she proved that the most powerful gifts aren’t psiot talents.


Jessie. Art by Mico Suayan.

Jessie (Nanite-empowered daughter of Bloodshot and Magic.)
Inheriting her dad’s nanite capabilities plus her mama’s moxie, Jessie is quickly proving to be a force to contend with. Hunted by Omen, she’s been raised on the run by her mother, Magic. Superior strength and healing abilities aside, she is still a young girl thrown into combat situations. As far as we know, the nanites do not increase cognitive ability or emotional intelligence. It will be interesting to see what this super-powered child is capable of and how she copes with what she must do in order to survive.


Catt. Art by Tomas Giorello.

Catt (Burnt tribe)
First seen in X-O Manowar #2, Catt is one of the conscripted soldiers forced to fight in the Azure’s war against the Cadmium empire. A fierce and unforgiving warrior, she allies herself with Aric, becoming one of his inner circle and helping to lead the team in the victory against the Cadmium. She also stars in some astonishing battle scenes.


The Red Brigade. Art by Trevor Hairsine.

Red Brigade (Red Legend, Kostiy, Pioneer, Baba Yaga)
Who can forget the team of badass enforcers in Divinity III? We met their leader, Myshka, in 2016’s Divinity II, but the rest of her team burst onto the scene in 2017 during the Stalinverse event. Ranging from the heroic Red Legend to the infamous witch Baba Yaga, each of these women had powers and abilities that made them a true force to be reckoned with. Kostiy, The Deathless, was an unkillable warrior whose form transformed from skeleton to flesh with the cycles of the moon. Pioneer, another warrior, was descended from an aboriginal race that protected the legendary hammer and axe.  As the World Security Force – force being the operative word – they were both the watchdogs and soldiers for the Russian regime.

Whether major stars or minor, these characters added depth to their respective titles and the Valiant universe. Who are your favorite new characters? Who would you like to see given more story time? Let me know in the comments. And as always, Stay Valiant!

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