Story & Art by Masao Ohtake

Translated by Nathan Takase

Hinamatsuri focuses on a yakuza member Nitta and a telekinetic girl Hina, as they live under the same roof. Now under the guise of father and daughter, their lives begin to intertwine and turn chaotic. This wacky premise makes Hinamatsuri a thoroughly entertaining read, and hard to put down until the very end.

Most of Hinamatsuri’s first volume involves Nitta being roped into humiliating situations by Hina. The series cleverly establishes that Hina needs to constantly use her powers to prevent them from going out of control, which prevents Nitta from living anything resembling an ordinary life. This plot device is the core source of humor in the story, and the series becomes increasingly absurd. Even when Hina is in control of her powers, Nitta has no idea what she will do next, helping make every story unpredictable. This constant conflict between Hina and Nitta prevents the series’ structure from becoming stale, and makes each chapter consistently entertaining to the reader. Underneath the series’ humorous tone, there is still a heartwarming aspect to the series as well. Chapter 4 best encapsulates this as we see how Hina misses being around Nitta when he tries to improve his nightlife. Despite the two lead characters constantly being at odds, they still have a clear mutual care for each other, and it is refreshing to see. Hinamatsuri’s combination of comedy and touching elements provides it with a solid foundation for its story, and makes you invested in its world.

Another part of what makes Hinamatsuri such a great read is its quirky cast of characters. Nitta presents himself with a calm and collected demeanor, but easily loses his assurance when things go awry. Meanwhile, Hina is very deadpan, but is quick to break her composure when food is involved. The contrasts between Nitta and Hina make them great foils for one another and elevates the comedy of the story as a whole. The supporting cast has its share of fun characters as well. In particular, Hina’s classmate Hitomi serves as a straight man for the more eccentric characters, providing a grounded layer to the series’ crazy antics. At the end of the volume, Hina’s fellow telekinetic Anzu is also introduced, who will surely play a larger role in future storylines. Hinamatsuri’s entertaining cast further establishes the manga’s potential and ensures that there’s never a dull moment.

Hinamatsuri Volume 1 is a fun read and a solid start to the series. From it’s hilarious cast of characters to its increasingly crazy stories, there is a lot for readers to enjoy. If you’re looking for a series that can consistently provide a good laugh, Hinamatsuri is definitely worth checking out.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

Hinamatsuri Volume 1


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