Story & Art by Tsutomu Nihei

Translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian

Production by Grace Lu, Daniela Yamada, and Anthony Quintessenza

If you’ve been in the anime and manga community for the past few years, you have probably already heard of Knights of Sidonia. The sci-fi action series is an exciting read, showcasing a post-apocalyptic struggle between humanity and an extraterrestrial threat. Between its solid aesthetic and great mecha battles, it has all the right components to be compelling to a swath of readers. Knights of Sidonia Master Edition Volume 3 continues the epic story while also diving deeper into the series’ fascinating world.

This volume continues the current conflict between the Gauna and the Sidonia on the incoming asteroid. The highlight of this conflict is the rematch between Tanikaze and the Hawk Moth. Nihei has built up this battle for quite a while, and it fully delivers on the setup through a series of fantastic action sequences. The conclusion of the battle also weighs heavily on Tanikaze, frustrated that he’s unable to deliver the finishing blow to the Hawk Moth. It’s clear that this won’t be the last time that these two face each other, and it builds even more excitement for their next battle.

Tsumugi Shiranui is also introduced to the story as well, a Gauna-human hybrid that fights alongside the Sidonia. Shiranui serves as an interesting character within the series’ narrative, as her Gauna-like form is a source of tension among her new comrades. That said, her personality is very much closer to that of a human, providing a strong internal and external contrast. Shiranui’s existence challenges the world’s perception of humanity, and whether conflict with the Gauna is the Sidonia’s only course of action. Tanikaze faces these questions as he begins interacting with Shiranui on regular basis. Tanikaze’s entire motivation has centered on killing all the Gauna, but now he’s allied with a being that resembles his own enemy. Still, the cooperation of Shinanui and Tanikaze allows the Sidonia to finally defeat the Ocarina cluster. As the volume ends, further events continue the complicated the situation on the Sidonia. Kobayashi has seemingly slaughtered the Immortal Ship Committee, making her the Sidonia’s sole ruling power. Even more concerning, Sidonia’s newfound strength has attracted a bigger threat: the Greater Cluster.

The caliber of Nihei’s artwork is an aspect of Knights of Sidonia that cannot be understated. Every page is filled to the brim with meticulous detail, and it leaves the reader in a constant state of awe. The action scenes take this even further, with Nihei taking every opportunity possible to showcase dynamic paneling and intricate sequences. Best of all, the series gives readers time to take in all the beauty, having many pages with minimal to no dialogue. Knights of Sidonia wants readers to take in the cast’s every action, further immersing them in the series’ desolate future.

This “Master Edition” release also has additional draws for readers. For one, the Master Edition is considerably larger in size than the previous release. With Nihei’s detailed artwork, Knights of Sidonia flourishes on the bigger pages, allowing readers to more easily see every facet of the series’ visuals. The color pages included in the previous single volume releases are also present, providing the book with even more visual beauty. This release is worth every penny, and it is no doubt the definitive way to experience the series.

The intrigue continues to rise in Master Edition Volume 3 of Knights of Sidonia. The Sidonia will soon face the looming threat of the Greater Cluster, and as dynamics on the ship continue to change, the story is heading into exciting new territory. Combined with the high quality of the Master Edition release, this book is a fantastic read from start to finish.

9.0 10


Knights of Sidonia Master Edition Volume 3


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