By Greg Rucka, Mike Perkins, Paul Mounts & Simon Bowland

The first in an all-new twelve issue maxi series comes Lois Lane #1, who has uncovered the most dangerous secret in the DC Universe but now just needs to prove it. The Superman books have seen something of a breath of fresh air in recent months and now it’s time for Lois to get the spotlight of her own, with writer Greg Rucka teaming up with Mike Perkins, Paul Mounts and Simon Bowland to tell a gripping story that calls back to classic journalist films like All the President’s Men, even referencing it with a scene where Lois meets a source in a parking lot. Right from the word go you get a sense that it’s more than just a Superman story without Superman, and putting Lois front and centre was a welcome, overdue choice for this series.

Lois Lane #1 is everything fans could have wanted from a Lois storyline with solid writing from Rucka that neatly pulls you in and keeps you around. We get to see Clark almost entirely in his human guise not playing the role of Superman for a change, which puts the attention entirely on Lois as the book sets up the groundwork for what is to come, establishing the world with a relative ease.  A Lois Lane series has been something that fans have called for and to see a book that more than delivers on its premise makes the wait every bit worth it.

The refreshing look at the DC Universe when viewed for the eyes of the everyday people on the street has gone a long way to grounding the universe and Rucka spends time with the humans in this issue. We get to see the drawbacks that comes with Lois’ celebrity status, and we get to see a lot of politically charged drama that gets to the heart of what makes Lois Lane matter as a character. Her flaws and strengths come through and we see her love of journalism; unveiling the truth out there no matter the cost.

The noir tone that Rucka establishes in this book is something that is picked up on by Perkins and Mounts and the shady atmosphere really is another factor in what helps earn this book’s comparisons to noir film classics.Alongside All The President’s Men there are distinct vibes of The French Connection here, particularly within the scenes set on the city streets that show Clark and Lois simply walking together for breakfast. Their back and forth dialogue comes naturally. The book largely stands on its own without the need to shoehorn in cameos from other DC superheroes. Rucka has enough experience to make this book Lois’ own.

The world that surrounds Lois Lane is as gritty and as seasoned as the characters that inhabit it and freed from the confines of a regular superhero book, Rucka manages to establish an atmosphere that perfectly suits the character. Don’t expect the Kryptonians or General Zod to show up any time with grand, world-conquering schemes – instead, the more down to earth approach will have fans of Gotham Central feeling right at home in this timely debut that begs for an eventual hardback collection that will – if this series can keep up its consistency of the first issue, be a must purchase.

Lois Lane #1


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