Manga Mavericks EP 74: Go Broly, Go Go!



On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we could have gone with just another news episode, but we couldn’t just ignore the biggest anime movie at the box office right now! That’s right, after we catch up on some news from the past two weeks, we sit down to talk about Dragon Ball Super: Broly! A new movie from the Dragon Ball franchise that is breaking all kinds of new ground: from surpassing Resurrection F‘s lifetime domestic gross in two nights, to new kinds of animation techniques and fight choreography never before seen in the franchise! Sit back and enjoy, because our hosts love for Dragon Ball is about to get MAXIMUM!!


0:00:00 – Intro

o:01:12 – Bookscan Lists for December

0:04:36 – New Yen Press Licenses

0:14:13 – New Tidal Wave from Seven Seas!

0:24:44 – Viz Announces New Dragon Ball Art Book

0:26:44 – MediaDo Acquires MyAnimeList

0:28:01 – Hakusensha offers Manga Park app in Africa

0:29:49 – Sakura Con to host Satoshi Shiki

0:30:39 – Naoki Urasawa Art Exhibit Hosted in Los Angeles

0:31:57 – Naoki Urasawa & Akira Toriyama nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame

0:33:10 – New Lupin Film Coming Winter 2019


Discussion Topic(s):

0:34:03 – Broly’s Box Office Gross Thus Far…!!

0:42:39 – Our Thoughts on the Movie!


Community Shout-outs! 

1:28:34 – MistareFusion’s Dragon Ball Dissection Series

1:31:26 – AnimeAjay’s Youtube Channel


1:32:52 – Wrap-up


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