On this episode of Manga Mavericks, someone reached out to us to talk about the Art of Naoki Urasawa Exhibit in Los Angeles (even before we put up the previous episode!!), and that person was Aidan, otherwise known as @CoyboyBeboy on Twitter! With Urasawa being his favorite manga artist of all time, there was no way he’d miss out on this opportunity, as he joins Colton & Lum on the show to talk about the exhibit and all the cool pieces of art and expensive merchandise they had to offer, as well as recount the moment where he met the man himself. You don’t want to miss out on hearing this incredible experience! Enjoy!




0:00:00 – Intro


0:01:27 – Diamond Top 100 Best-Selling Manga in 2018

0:05:42 – Phoenix gets sequel novel in April

0:06:50 – Viz licenses Pokemon: The Power of Us film & spinoff manga

0:07:58 – Rumiko Takahashi wins Angloume Grand Prix award

0:08:50 – Mirai nominated for Best Animated Feature

0:18:47 – Junji Ito comes to Crunchyroll Expo

0:19:43 – Dai from Dragon Quest joins Jump Force

0:22:39 – Top 10 Manga Japanese Fans Want to See Animated

Discussion Topic(s):

0:31:30 – Japan House’s Naoki Urasawa Exhibit in LA /w Aidan

Community Shout-outs! 

1:55:20 – Thoughts on The Promised Neverland and Black Women in Manga by Jackson P. Brown
1:57:32 – Video on Phonetics by WensleyCheddar

1:59:25 – Wrap-Up!

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