Manga Mavericks EP 76: Survey Results 2019!



On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton (along with Vlord for some reason) finally sit down to go over the results of the annual Manga Mavericks podcast survey!! This year is special not just because of the amount of people who have filled out the survey compared to last year, but also because you, the listener, had a chance to cast votes for what series and topics we would cover on the show this year! Your feedback and voices will be heard! Enjoy!




0:00:00 – Intro


0:02:32 – Shueshia launches the Manga Plus app!

0:08:27 – Mob Psycho 100 Reigen spinoff to be one volume long

0:09:44 – Dark Horse licenses Space Battleship Yamato 2199 manga

0:10:38 – SUBlime licenses Fourth Generation Head Tatsuyuki Oyamato

0:11:52 – New Yen Press Licenses

0:16:22 – Shueshia & DeNa establish joint venture for Digital Entertainment Services

0:18:05 – Dragon Ball Super: Broly is No. 3 all-time anime film in the U.S. in tickets sold

0:19:34 – Highest Grossing Films at Japanese Box Office in 2018

0:25:36 – WSJ asks readers to write letters of support for possible Teenage Renaissance David anime

0:26:56 – My Brother’s Husband & Silver Spoon rank in YALSA’s Top 10 Graphic Novels for Teens

0:28:10 – New Kodansha Humble Bundle!


0:30:02 – Manga Mavericks 2019 Survey Results:

0:31:32 – General Questions & Demographics

0:38:07 – Podcast Preferences

0:52:40 – General Podcast Questions & Favorites

1:31:57 – Youtube & All Comic Statistics

1:42:30 – What Series & Topics We’ll Cover on the Show Chosen by YOU!

2:06:18 – What Content & Guest Would You Like to See

2:19:17 – Final Comments & Criticisms?


Community Shout-outs! 

2:24:08 –  Operation Black Steel: Representing Black Women by TheStoryteller

2:26:26 – Everything You Need to Know about MANGA Plus by Shueisha from ANN

2:26:26 – Vic Mignogna Articles from ANN & The Dao of Dragon Ball

2:31:07 – YonkouProductions’ Shonen Jump 2018 Retrospective


2:32:32 – Wrap-Up!


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