Manga Mavericks EP 82: “You Only Meet Toriyama Once” (Jason Thompson)


On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton sit down to interview Jason Thompson, the former senior editor of Viz Media’s North American print Shonen Jump Magazine! Jason goes over his time at Viz and what it was like to be tasked by Shueisha themselves to bring Shonen Jump overseas! What was it like editing manga in the 90’s? What is Akira Toriyama like in person? What is it like being an actual manga character!? Listen to the podcast and find out, as we go over all of Jason’s manga career!

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0:00:00 – Intro

0:02:36 – Jason Thompson Interview:

0:04:33 – Jason’s Appearance in Fairy Tail

0:06:56 – Jason’s Other Projects!

0:10:43 – Viz and Shonen Jump’s Early Days

0:32:38 – Putting Shonen Jump Magazine Together (Features, Manga, etc)

1:05:41 – Shonen Jump Launch Event (Meeting Toriyama)

1:09:58 – Jason Steps Down as Editor in Chief

1:14:07 – The Manga Market & Industry Then and Now

1:47:22 – Fan Q&A’s: Which Manga were Licensed at the Publisher’s Request?

2:04:19 – Who is the Target Audience of Shonen and Has it Changed?

2:08:02 – Is Being a Manga Editor it’s own Shonen Story?

2:15:36 – Wrap-Up!


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