We’ve got another awesome interview to share with you! We’re delighted to be joined by David Brothers to discuss his awesome career journey from comics blogger to manga editor at Viz Media! David details his early blogging days at 4thletter, his duties as Brand Manager at Image, and what it’s like to edit series like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and We Never Learn!  We also talk to David about his thoughts on representation in comics, the future of digital comics, and his philosophy on comics criticism. Plus we answer a ton of listener Q&As, discussing the best moments of Vagabond, why So I’m a Spider, So What? is so good, how to use the word “affected” correctly, and a whole lot more!


00:00 – Intro

David Brothers Interview:

02:33 – Introducing David Brothers
03:17 – David’s Blogging Days
11:15 – David’s Comic Book Origin Story
14:23 – David and Akira
22:58 – The Interiority of Characters
29:11 – David’s Approach to Comics Criticism
33:15 – David’s Stint in Games Journalism
35:41 – David’s Essays for Comics Alliance & Defending Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman & Robin
42:21 – David’s Experiences as an Editor on Image Books
52:49 – David’s Tips on How to Run a Successful Panel
1:04:49 – David’s Transition from Image to Viz
1:10:26 – What It’s Like Being the Editor of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
1:19:04 – Preserving the Author’s Original Intent in Adaptation
1:31:01 – What Makes We Never Learn Stand Out As a Rom-com?
1:36:56 – Why Shonen Jump Manga Resonates with Readers Young and Old
1:55:05 – Critically Engaging with Art and Negative Reviews
2:01:41 – Searching For Diversity and Representation in Manga
2:13:10 – The Future of Digital Comics
2:19:42 – David’s Favorite Manga


2:27:37 – “What Are the Most Memorable Vagabond Moments?”
2:30:33 – “Do You Still Read Manga For Fun Now That It’s Become Your Career?”
2:32:21 – “Has the Transition From Journalism to Editing Affected How You Engage with Comics?”
2:39:45 – “Did Dafne Use “Affected” Correctly in Her Previous Question?”
2:40:43 – “How Do You Stay Motivated and Overcome Obstacles?”
2:44:30 – “Why is So I’m a Spider, So What? So Good?”
2:46:18 – “Could We Possibly See More Fonts Used in JoJo’s in the Future?”
2:51:02 – “Can You Tell Us More About the Viz Originals Line?”
2:55:37 – “What Aspects of the Business Side of Comics Are Overlooked?”
2:56:54 – “What Piece of Advice Has Helped You Through Your Comics Career Journey?”
3:02:46 – “What Resources Do You Recommend to Those Starting Out Being Critics?”
3:05:30 – “What’s Your Favorite Verse?”
3:10:26 – “Has Your Experience With Different Art Forms Enhanced Your Appreciation for Different Mediums?”
3:14:45 – David’s Upcoming Work & Where You Can Find Him

Community Shout-Outs:

3:17:45 – Wensleydale Cheddar’s Weekly Manga Recap Intro Animation & ne0;lation review
3:19:45 – Anime Feminist’s Feminist-Friendly Anime Recommendations
3:21:23 – “Get In The Robot, Shinji” by Zac Bertschy

3:25:16 – Wrap-Up

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Music Featured:

“Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (instrumental)” by The DU
“Life’s a Bitch” by Nas feat A.Z.
“Tranquillo” by Lupe Fiasco ft. Rick Ross & Big K.R.I.T.

About The Author Siddharth Gupta

Siddharth Gupta is an illustrator, animator, and writer based in Minnesota. They graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Animation from the School of Visual Arts, and have worked on projects for the University of Minnesota and the Shreya R. Dixit Foundation. An avid animation and comics fan since childhood, they've turned their passion towards being both a creator and a critic. They credit their love for both mediums to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, which has also defined their artistic and comedic sensibilities. A frequent visitor to their local comic book shop, they are an avid reader and collector, particularly fond of manga. Their favorite comics include The Adventures of Tintin by Herge, Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed, and pretty much anything and everything by Rumiko Takahashi.

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