By Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara and Dean White

In modern times, X-Force has been the more violent and dark of all the X-books put out. Kyle and Yost may have started this trend with their after Messiah Complex with their kill squad, but the formula has worked well for the series. As we usher in the new age of Hickman, we are dealt a new X-Force #1, which doesn’t look to be as dark, but looks can be deceiving.

Benjamin Percy is at the helm as writer on this new series, which is a good choice. The issue starts out with Domino pressing her luck. Percy writes her well, she’s cocky which is the norm for her. Percy expands on things that happen on Krakoa as well. We see a new species of creature attack Beast and Wolverine try to attack it. There is some crossover between the Marauders and the Krakoa team as well. Percy gives the characters a good voice, no one seems off. The issue really pick up when Krakoa gets invaded. If you’ve read House of X and Powers of X, you had to know that this would be a concern. Percy addresses this, and the reason of how it happens is honestly fairly simple. Percy writes a thrilling first issue that leaves you wanting more. The cliffhanger is huge. Benjamin Percy has this series off to a great start.

The pencils this issue are handled by Joshua Cassara with colors by Dean White. One of the key ingredients to and X-Force book is a dark visual style and moody colors. Joshua Cassara’s style for this book is gritty. The first few pages of Domino in a terrorist group are a good example of his dark art; there is blood, violence and action. The funny thing about the pencils for this issue is that none of them seem to be light and fluffy. Even a panel like a stranger sitting in the airport waiting for his plane is dark and alarming. Cassara focuses on the eyes of this random character in this panel and it leads us to believe that the character is important, and not a good person. As important as the pencils are, the colors by Dean White are equally as important. White is in charge of actually adding dark colors to the issue, which he does fantastically. As a mutant is shot, white has the panel all red with a darker shade of red for the blood. It’s an eerie panel that will stick with the reader. The pencils and colors add a layer to the dark script and really show the darker side of the new X-Men universe.

Another week, another first issue down for the X-Men relaunch. X-Force #1 was a very good introductory issue. The feel seems more dire than the other books that were recently released. Benjamin Percy really knocked it out of the park with this one, and the excitement is high for the next installment. The pencils and colors were phenomenal as well and really help get your mind set to see the enemies mutants have made. X-Force is a force to be reckoned with.

About The Author Jeremy Matcho

Jeremy Matcho is an employee of Amcom/ Xerox. He was born on the hard streets in Guam, and once met George Wendt at a local Jamesway department store. He was first exposed to comics at the tender age of 9, picking up X-Men #1. His favorite character then, and to this day is Cyclops. While he has been a Marvel fan for 20 years, DC is steadily becoming heavy competition. He also is the proud owner of a 2002 ford escort.

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