All-Comic’s You Should Be Reading is the weekly list of comics we can’t wait to get our hands on. Each of our writers picks their most-anticipated comic for the upcoming week and sums up why it needs to be on your radar. Get your comic shop on the phone – here’s what you should be reading on July 17, 2019.

Collapser #1 by Mikey Way, Shaun Simon, Ilias Kyriazis, Cris Peter and Simon Bowland

Josh: This book, along with the rest of its pals, proves that if DC is going to carry on the Vertigo spirit, it’ll be at Young Animal. Collapser, written by Mikey Way and Shaun Simon with art from Ilias Kyriazis and colors by Cris Peter, the story of a guy at rock bottom who’s trying to find the bright spots in life. He’s a caretaker by day and dj by night, who’s story is an absolute must read.

Gryffen #5 by Ben Kahn, Bruno Hidalgo, James Peñafiel and Sal Cipriano

Josh: I’ve reviewed a few issues of this series here, and it’s a comic that’s easy to recommend. It’s one of those stories that catches you off guard with how quickly you fall into it. Even if you’re not into sci-fi or space adventures, the cast, tone and art of this series makes Gryffen fun and frequently cathartic. If you’re not already reading and want to add an outstanding indie book to your pull, grab this issue – and you might as well pick up the last four, while you’re at it.

Uncanny X-Men #22 by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, David Messina, Guru-eFX

Jeremy: The newest relaunch of Uncanny is coming to a close. Matthew Rosenberg’s live letter to his childhood idols all ends here. This run has been divisive, but it has definitely gotten people to talk about the X-Men again. We need answers this issue though. How will it all end? What is cyclops’ plan? And of course, who will survive? Salvador Larroca is killing it on art duties for this series too. This is a must read issue that will lead into the Hickman run!

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