By Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason and Edgar Delgado

With the Sin Eater story arc over, we’re moving on to the main baddie that has been tormenting Spidey all this time, and it’s Kindred. Unbeknownst to Spider-Man, Kindred is one of his closest friends, Harry Osborne. Peter enlists the help of Dr. Strange to help him deal with some of the mystical aspects of what is going on. As things get started, a possessed Silk attacks Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. We’re all caught up, now time for the review.

Nick Spencer has done a pretty good job on Amazing Spider-Man. He’s taken time to flesh out characters like J. Jonah Jameson and Boomerang, as well as having a bunch of great cameo appearances from other legendary Marvel characters. This issue we have Peter and Dr. Strange working together. As they handle Silk, Spencer shows what a powerhouse Dr. Strange can be as he uses his magic to hold the overly powered Silk in place. Spencer also writes Strange well too. He writes him with a dry sense of humor, but also confident and powerful. Spencer also brings up One More Day, where Peter made a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May’s life. One More Day has been a story that many fans have disliked and feel it ruined Peter and MJ, but it is nice to see Spencer acknowledge that it did happen. The issue ends on an interesting cliff hanger that should make all Spider-Man fans worry.

The pencils this issue are handled by Patrick Gleason with colors by Edgar Delgado. Gleason does an amazing job on pencils for this book. There are panels with Black Cat that look like they could be posters. Gleason also excels at drawing Dr. Strange and his stoic look. His face doesn’t change much in the book, but the look that Gleason gives him is exactly the right look for him in this situation. The pencils by Delgado work really well this issue too. As Dr. Strange holds a possessed Silk upside down, Delgado used a simple change of color for her eyes to make her look creepy. In one panel, Black Cat holds a mystical object, Gleason draws her poster-esque, and Delgado almost uses a pop art palette to color her. It’s one of the best panels I the entire book.

Amazing Spider-Man #51 is a great addition to the series. Nick Spencer has written great a creepy script that will no doubt have a lasting impact on Peter’s life. The pencils and colors couldn’t have been better for a story like this. Amazing Spider-Man is picking up steam and getting creepy just in time for Halloween.

8.0 10


Amazing Spider-Man #51

Amazing Spider-Man is picking up steam and getting creepy just in time for Halloween.

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