Story & Art by Tsutomu Nihei

Translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian

Production by Grace Lu & Darren Smith

The story of APOSIMZ continues in its fourth volume! After the destruction of Irf Nikk, Kajiwan has decided to venture to the forbidden place of Gosabyo to enact his revenge on the Rebedoan Empire. With Etherow and his allies in pursuit of Kajiwan, Emperor Nichiko Suou sends Jate and Tosu for their heads.

The majority of this volume focuses on the journey to Gosabyo and the subsequent battle at its grounds. While Kajiwan had initially been depicted amicably within the series, his darker side has slowly shown its head. Kajiwan has used the arm he stole from Titiana to heal his body, but he is slowly mutating as a result. This is further emphasized through his change in demeanor, showing no emotion even in the face of death. Kajiwan has become so obsessed with revenge that he has lost any sense of morality.

When all three factions eventually converge at Gosabyo, it creates a stream of chaos. Kajiwan tries to crash the satellite Ume on Capital, but Jate uses her powers to redirect the satellite to crash land near the Gosayo, severely injuring Etherow in the process. The entire power dynamic in the conflict changes in an instant, raising the tension to new heights. This dynamic shift occurs once again in the volume, as Kajiwan awakens from the destruction as a formidable Regular Frame. The entire battle is insane from start to finish, but that unpredictability makes the volume even more engaging.

Underneath the core conflict at Gosabyo, the event reveals some interesting information about Etherow’s AMB bullets: they have the ability to alter space and time. While not much is revealed about how it works, it’s clear that the power is an effective counter against Suou’s prediction abilities. It creates a great contrast between the two characters, with our antagonist determining fate while our protagonist decides fate.

As you’d expect, Nihei’s artwork is still fantastic. The barren scenery of APOSIMZ pairs well with the strenghts of Nihei’s visuals, allowing him to showcase the scale of the world without it feeling overwhelming to the reader. This is especially evident in the action sequences, as battles will shift seamlessly from higher and lower planes in the environment. Nihei’s refined talent is fully evident here and it makes it a treat to read his work.

APOSIMZ continues to be an exciting series, providing readers with ample action alongside many twists and turns. As we head into Volume 5, the stakes are continuing to build as Etherow and his allies fight for their lives. If you’ve enjoyed Nihei’s previous work or just want an enjoyable action title, you should definitely check it out.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

APOSIMZ, Volume 4


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