By Dan Jurgens, Sean Chen, Sean Parsons, and Chris Sotomayor

Batman Beyond #47 releases this month and concludes the Eradication Agenda story arc with an exciting conclusion and even more exciting tease for next month. Batman and the gang combat Mr. Zero on his space station while Bruce and Barbara try to survive the cataclysmic weather changes that have occurred not only in Neo-Gotham, but the whole world.

Dan Jurgens has taken us on quite the interesting journey with this most recent story arc. Can’t say we have even seen Batman Beyond in space, but this story has certainly felt a little different than others and brings with it a wide cast of characters. There is a bit of a juggling act with all the characters present, ranging from Terry, Bruce, Batwoman, Dick Grayson, Damian, Goliath, and Barbara Gordon. With all of these characters, it didn’t feel like we got a lot of time with the villain, Zero. That being said, there are a lot of great character moments and those involving Damian are the best. Being able to see an adult Damian interact with an older Bruce and Dick making references to their earlier days will make you feel nostalgic. It may also seem that Damian may be staying around as a recurring cast member for the Bat family. While it will be good to see Damian more, it honestly might be worth giving Batwoman her own spin-off series to prevent making this cast too crowded. The most interesting part of the issue comes with its ending. A certain time-travelling character shows up to set up the next story arc and this may end up being the best story arc yet for the series.

The are in this issue is handled by Sean Chen,Sean Parson, and Chris Sotomayor. There really isn’t anything to complain about in regards to the art in this issue. There is always great action depicted and the art team really excels in using guided imagery with Batman and Batowman. This is done by using their acrobatic positions, paired with the wings built into their costumes, to give the action a sense of flow. These scenes especially look good as Batwoman is gliding around shooting out spheres in space. There is a noticeable lighting contrast between the two stories going on in this issue as well. The scenes in Neo-Gotham are much darker and fuzzier to pair with the blizzard occurring, while the scenes in space are bright and clear with a lot of action and explosions to brighten up the pages. This creates a cool contrast between what is going on between the two groups.

Batman Beyond #47 concludes another story arc in a solid series that has reached almost its 50th issue. This is by no means a small feat and this title deserves it, as this title has had a consistent quality throughout its run. Readers of this series will especially be excited for next month’s issue after the tease at the end of this issue.

6.0 10

Batman Beyond #47 is another solid entry into this consistent series.

Batman Beyond #47

Readers of this series will especially be excited for next month’s issue after the tease at the end of this issue.

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