On this episode of Manga Mavericks, its time for our annual Best of Manga episode! Where Lum and Colton take a look back at the past year and talk about their favorite manga-related moments from both the industry and what they’re reading! What were their favorite new releases? What were the coolest and/or emotionally gripping moments in manga this year? And what was the best new series to come out of 2019!? Tune in to the episode and find out!

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Editor’s Note: This podcast contains praise for Act-Age. While this was recorded many months before the writer’s arrest for sexually assaulting two girls, we want to make it clear that we no longer support his work. We’re fine with leaving our thoughts on the series unedited on this podcast as a time-capsule of our feelings, but please understand that they are not an endorsement of the writer nor a recommendation of the series.

However, this podcast has been edited from its original release for other unfortunate reasons. If you wish to know why you can learn more here


0:00:00 – Shonen Jump releases early!

0:04:52 – Intro/Housecleaning

0:11:59 – Boys Over Flowers Season 2 has ended

0:13:32 – Three New Series Coming to Shonen Jump

0:20:12 – New Death Note Sequel Chapter Coming this February

0:26:33 – Lum’s thoughts on some of the past Jump Festa anime news

0:30:55 – Sleepy Princess TV anime premieres this year

0:31:37 – More episodes of original Saint Seiya added on Netflix

0:32:40 – GKids licenses Tokyo Godfathers, coming to theaters soon

0:36:06 – FUNimation to screen MHA Heroes Rising starting Feb 26th

0:40:52 – Top films at the Japanese box office in 2019

0:48:01 – Konosuba Character Popularity Poll

0:51:44 – MHA 2019 Character Popularity Poll

1:07:43 – MHA Vols 1 and 22 rank on NYT January list

1:08:53 – YALSA Top 100 GN for Teens

1:11:41 – Brutus Magazine’s Most Dangerous Manga of 2019 list

1:13:28 – Kono Manga ga Sugoi 2020 rankings

1:17:43 – Oricon’s Top Selling Manga in Japan by Series 2019

1:36:07 – Best of Manga 2019!!

Podcast Categories

1:39:00 – Favorite Podcast Intros of 2019

1:43:46 – Favorite Podcast Thumbnails of 2019

1:49:11 – Favorite Manga we Read for the Podcast in 2019

1:55:09 – Favorite Guests/Interviews in 2019

2:01:38 – Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2019

2:02:06 – Favorite Podcast Moments of 2019

Best of Manga 2019

2:18:39 – Favorite Manga News Stories of 2019

2:30:20 – Favorite New North American Manga Licenses of 2019

2:37:38 – Favorite New North American Manga Releases of 2019

2:55:50 – Favorite Manga Moments of 2019

3:09:18 – Favorite Manga Chapters of 2019

3:26:54 – Favorite Manga Fights of 2019

3:34:02 – Favorite Manga Protagonists of 2019

3:45:52 – Favorite Manga Antagonists of 2019

3:56:11 – Favorite Manga Series Finales of 2019

4:08:07 – Favorite New Manga of 2019

4:14:13 – Favorite Currently-Running Manga of 2019

4:24:34 – Manga We Promise to Read in 2020

4:35:00 – Wrap up



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About The Author Colton

Colton is just your regular glasses wearing nerd residing in Saint Louis, Misery (that's a joke) who loves reading and collecting manga as a hobby and also records too many podcasts! He started off his podcasting escapades in 2013 when he created Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast, which was a show dedicated to Gintama and its past English release of the manga. From there he became the co-host of shows such as the Manga Corner from Anime3000, Heavenly Kings, One Podcast Prevails and many more. Colton first discovered manga back in 2006 when he bought his first issue of Shonen Jump, and ever since then, his love and passion for manga took off from there! His favorite titles include Sket Dance, Eyeshield 21, My Hero Academia and much, much more. Colton can be found frequenting sites such as Anilist and Twitter under the handle of sniperking323.

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