Geez, between all the series starting and ending in Shonen Jump recently, it sure feels like the brand is entering a new era. Heck, by the end of 2020 over half of the lineup will consist of series that only started this year! There are so many new series starting up that we’re getting up our episode on the last batch just as the new batch has started. Actually, there’s been a new series every month so far this year – it’s hard to keep up! 

Well, before we can talk about Ayakashi Triangle and the other new blood starting up, we still have to take care of some leftovers. Is Moriking a supremely funny gag comedy or did we want to squash it like a bug? Was Bone Collection bad to the bone? Did we have the time of our lives reading Time Paradox Ghost Writer? Does the Food Wars duo’s new one-shot Yugen’s All-Ghouls Classroom have a ghost of a chance at becoming a regular series in Jump? Is there anything substantial to say about any of these beyond quips and puns? Eh, honestly I wish we’d read more chapters before reviewing Time Paradox. We recorded this a month ago so we only got to read the first chapter before the show, so a bunch of our speculation about how the relationship between Teppei and Aino would turn out is a bit out of date…

Ah well, we actually do have a lot of stuff to say about it and the other new series, so it’s all good! Enjoy our thoughts and recommendations of some of Jump’s newest stuff, and look forward to us talking about even more new Jump series very, very soon!


00:22 – Intro & Patreon Bonus Pod Updates

04:33 – Moriking
14:47 – Bone Collection
29:28 – Time Paradox Ghost Writer
46:47 – Final Recommendations
50:10 – Yugen’s All-Ghouls Classroom

1:09:44 – Community Shout-Outs

SuperEyepatchWolf’s “Why You Should Watch Outlaw Star”

The Nen Show’s Soul Eater Podcasts 

“Who is Time Paradox Ghost Writer’s Kenji Ichima?” by YourAnimeGuy

1:14:35 – Wrap-Up

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