On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Colton & Lum once again tackle more news from the world of manga! We also discuss a lot of new manga from various publishers, including three new doujinshi from Irodori Comics’ LGBTQ-focused imprint Irodori Sakura, as well as three new simulpubs! We start off with the manga adaptation of Japan Sinks 2020 exclusively on Mangamo, followed by Ghost Reaper Girl from Shonen Jump, and last but not least, Lockdown Zone: Level X from Denpa! It’s a cool collection of new series that we were very excited to talk about and we hope you all check them out!

Unfortunately, we also had to address the arrest of Tatsuya Matsuki, the writer of Act-Age, and the subsequent fallout, such as the cancellation of the series in Shonen Jump and everything else related to it. Our hearts go out to the victims of Matsuki’s crimes, as well as Shiro Usazaki, whose artistic talent was responsible for bringing the world and characters of Act-Age to life, and we hope she is able to find more work and success in the future. It goes without saying that we here at Manga Mavericks will not be supporting or reviewing any of Matsuki’s works in the future and will be dedicating a future episode to vent our frustrations with the sexist workplace culture at Shonen Jump that has unfortunately festered and harbored multiple predators.


00:00 – The Arrest of Tatsuya Matsuki & Cancellation of Shonen Jump’s Act-Age

20:07 – Intro

(Rest of the) News:

22:16 – 4 new series to debut in Jump (including Burn The Witch)

29:22 – Mitama Security & Bone Collection(??) ends

33:58 – Yuu Watase working to resume Arata the Legend

38:00 – Captain Tsubasa receives bilingual Japanese-English release

42:26 – Manga Planet licenses classic titles & more!

55:16 – futekiya licenses 

1:00:47 – SuBLime licenses Dick Fight Island

1:04:21 – CODA Anti-Piracy Manga now available for free in English

1:06:20 – Tsurukawa Kakio’s Sawanabe Zombie one-shot available from Star Fruit Books in October

1:07:49 – Square Enix Licenses Otherside Picnic & I Think Our Son is Gay

1:10:33 – Seven Seas licenses Super Hxeros

1:12:54 – This Year’s Eisner Award Winners

1:15:07 – Jiro Kuwata passes away

1:17:10 – Fakku to dispute Shenzhuen Guangcai trying to trademark ahegao

1:19:06 – Trigger unpaid overtime settlement

1:22:05 – Mainichi Weekly publishes abridged Barefoot Gen in English online

1:24:23 – Kinokuniya Sydney removes 7 manga from shelves after ban

1:26:21 – Uzumaki, Blade Runner Black Lotus & Fena: Pirate Princess coming to Toonami in 2021

1:32:21 – Anpanman films coming to TubiTV

1:34:59 – New Knights of Sidonia film coming in 2021

1:36:05 – GKids licenses Earwig and the Witch

1:38:04 – Demon Slayer Mugen Train film to screen in US theaters in 2021

Manga Reviews:

1:40:08 – Irodori Sakura

  • Why Does Love Do This To Me?
  • She Wants to do What?
  • Mine-kun is Asexual

2:07:38 – Japan Sinks 2020

2:22:24 – Ghost Reaper Girl

2:36:46 – Lockdown Zone: Level X

2:50:51 – Community Shout Outs!

3:06:42 – Wrap-Up

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