Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli and Edgar Delgado

Marauders #10 is the first new X-Men related book since comics started coming back to stores. The interesting thing about Marauders is that they killed off Kitty Pryde, who is actually the lead in the book. While the story goes on, and so far she hasn’t been able to be resurrected, other character like Pyro or Bishop step up. This issue we get a story about Forge, who is such an underrated mutant.

Gerry Duggan is a master at taking side characters and giving them a good story. This issue deals with one of Forge’s old buddies getting kidnapped and used to build weapons that affect mutants. Duggan allows Emma to shine in this issue. We see her manipulate sleazy men, we see her take charge and we see her help save the day. Duggan also continues to play with Magneto. He’s only in the issue for a brief moment, but he says something that seems sneaky. Ultimately, Duggan shows the reader that the Marauders and mutants are sick and tired of being walked on. The Marauders execute a plan and don’t take mercy on those who oppose them.

The pencils this issue are handled by Stefano Caselli with colors by Edgar Delgado. Caselli does a very good job with the pencils this issue. Lines are smooth and everything is easy to make out. There are some really good panels in this issue. As a terrorist goes on the deck of the ship and is blinded by light. Caselli draws this well and the colors of the shadow on his face are cool and memorable. Another very good panel comes when Emma is manipulating several terrorists. She gets them to attack one another. What makes this panel great is the coloring done by Edgar Delgado. It’s a silhouette with a gorgeous red background. The pencils and colors blend nicely this issue and really add to the enjoyment of the reading.

Marauders #10 pushes the Hickman era of X-comics forward. It touches on some things that have been getting built up in other titles and fleshes them out a little. Gerry Duggan has been consistently good on this title, and he’s really made it one of the fun books in the line. The art is clean and crisp with vibrant colors. Marauders #10 is a nice book to get you prepared for the rest of the line.


7.0 10


Marauders #10

Marauders #10 is a nice book to get you prepared for the rest of the line.

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