Story & Art by ONE

Translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian

Lettering and Retouch by John Clark

Edited by Carl Gustav Horn

Published by Mike Richardson

Design by Sarah Terry

Digital Art Technician by Samantha Hummer

Mob Psycho 100 is back for its fourth volume! Ritsu’s psychic powers have finally awakened, and he has teamed up with Dimple to unleash his full power. When school gangs go on the move to find the infamous White T Poison, Ritsu decides to test his newfound strength on the unsuspecting delinquents.

Ritsu has generally lived an admirable and honest life, suppressing his jealousy of Mob’s psychic powers. By hiding his feelings, Ritsu was also sealing away his dwelling abilities. Ritsu’s torment served as a catalyst to break his emotional seal, providing him the power that he long desired. Ritsu uses his powers in contrast to Mob’s methods. While Mob tries to minimize his powers, Ritsu attempts to push his abilities to the utmost limit. In doing so, Ritsu warps his own mental state, dwelling in obsession to raise his power. Ristu has finally obtained the power that he long desired, but he’s losing his own identity in the process.

What ties Ritsu’s character arc together is Mob’s brotherly compassion. Mob was aware of Ritsu’s frustration over not having powers, but he never realized how much it weighed on him. When Ritsu spitefully confesses that he’s always resented his brother, Mob feels responsible and remorseful. Mob views his own powers as a burden, and those same powers have caused his brother’s suffering as well. Despite his brother’s mistakes, Mob won’t give up on Ritsu and the bond they share.

This volume also introduces the villainous organization Claw, which is composed of numerous powerful psychics. The 7th Division member Megumu Koyama immediately showcases the threat the group poses, effortlessly taking out Ritsu and striking fear into those around him. While Koyama is easily overpowered by Mob, he is still able to incapacitate him using a tool. It emphasizes that even if Mob’s strength is incomparable, he still isn’t invincible, and Claw can capitalize on that opening. Given the closing events of the volume, it’s clear that we haven’t seen the last of Claw, and it will be interesting to see what threat they pose in the future.

While ONE’s artwork will not appeal to everyone, it doesn’t have to. ONE’s loose and rough art-style gives the manga a unique charm that can’t be found anywhere else, and alongside his fantastic draftsmanship, he crafts a thoroughly entertaining manga in spite of any artistic gaps. This is especially true during the fight between Mob and Koyama, where ONE uses meticulous linework to emphasize the tension of the situation. Mob Psycho 100 is a manga that only ONE could create and that makes it an engrossing read.

Mob Psycho 100 continues to be a thoroughly entertaining manga that only gets better and better. From ONE’s unique visuals to its compelling cast, the series is an absolute blast to experience. I’m eagerly anticipating Volume 5 and where the series will go next!

9.0 10


Mob Psycho 100, Volume 4


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