By Ed Brisson, Flaviano and Carlos Lopez

The New Mutants are back on the shelf, and we’re picking up right where we left off. Several mutants are trapped in a nightmare manifestation while some more heroes come to help. To add to the tension and turmoil, this is all taking place in a country that hates mutants and refuses to accept Krakoan sovereignty. This is a tough position to be in for any mutant, especially the younger ones, but Danielle Moonstar is a very capable leader and she has a good crew working with her.

Ed Brisson has been around the Marvel universe long enough to get a good grasp on many prominent characters. Anytime his name is attached to a book, that’s essentially a seal of quality. A big kudos should go out to Brubaker for making logical use of Wildside. This is a character that I have never cared for, but Brubaker actually make me like and take an interest in him this issue. Brubaker writes him cocky and reluctant to work with the new mutants, and it works really well for the character and story. Brubaker also highlights how good of a leader Danielle Moonstar is becoming. She’s been pretty underrated for a while, but he allows her to come up with a decent plan on how to help her friends. There is also the political angle being played out in this issue too. The government of Carnelia is blaming mutants for something they had nothing to do with. Even as they risk their lives to try and help, they are still blamed by leaders of Carnelia.

The pencils this issue are handled by Flaviano with colors by Carlos Lopez. The first couple of pages of this book are kind of eerie. Seeing heroes we like having tubes in their mouths and bleeding from their eyes is a creepy image to see. This is a superb job by Flaviano and Lopez for their work to make the page look unsettling. Flaviano and Lopez shine as well in the nightmare mindscape of this mutant. As Armor and her team go through to get to their target, the imagery is vivid. Things like a weird looking frog, or a creature with long fingers and a tube running in his mouth can be seen in here. The colors by Lopez really show off in this section. Vibrant pinks and cold blues are used all throughout this page and it pays off really well.

New Mutants #10 is another solid issue in this series. Ed Brisson continues to write these likable characters with genuine care and concern. The pencils and colors go from a normal color palette to trippy in this issue. New Mutants #10 continues to allow these characters to grow and become superstars in waiting.

New Mutants

7.0 10


New Mutants #10

New Mutants #10 is another solid issue in this series [and] continues to allow these characters to grow and become superstars in waiting.

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