Outlawed #1


By Eve L. Ewing, Kim Jacinto and Espen Grundetjern

This week brings us Outlawed #1. This should kick off a mini event that concerns all teen heroes. Groups like the Power Pack and New Warriors will be affected and involved as well. The Champions have grown over the course of their series. There have been line up changes and things like that, but characters like Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales have been the heart of the series. As we enter this issue, it would make sense to believe that they would be front and center again. Having said that, if you’re a fan of these characters, it’s nice that they are getting a little event for themselves.

Outlawed #1 has two stories being told. Eve L. Ewing gives us the present day, which is the team in court, and then she gives us the flashback of what happens. This is a strategy that I am fond of. I’ve seen movies and read comics where this has happened, and it’s enjoyable. Now, the thing about this book is that you’ve probably already read it before. There is nothing that new about the premise since it has a very Civil War feel to it. Ewing gives us a smarmy lawyer trying to get rid of teen heroes because they tried to thwart an attack. Similar to Civil War. One of the differences is that adult heroes like Captain America and Captain Marvel are standing up for the kids, but ultimately, this idea is a road already traveled. Ewing does lend a good voice to Sam Alexander as he says kids are out in the streets doing worse and dying for less. Ewing raises some good points, but ultimately we are left feeling like this is a story that we’ve already read before.

The pencils this issue are handled by Kim Jacinto with colors by Espen Grundetjern. Jacinto does a fine enough job here on the pencils. Near the beginning of the issue, when the heroes are in court, there is a panel of Captain Marvel where her chin is very slim and misdrawn. It looks like you could pick a lock with how sharp it is. That aside, the rest of the book looks good. The dragon that attacks the school looks Godzilla-esque and scary. The fight panels are very clear to make out too. The colors by Espen Grundetjern work very well here. As Kamala protects an activist from the commotion going on outside, Grundetjern colors this panel in silhouettes. It looks great. The green from Viv Vision stands out in this issue and Grundetjern colored her vibrantly. Overall, the pencils and colors were very solid here and pull the story up with the quality from both Jacinto and Grundetjern.

Outlawed #1 is written well enough, but the repetitive storyline really keeps it from being anything other than a retread with teen heroes. The pencils and colors work very well together and are the highlight of the book. If this storyline wants to succeed, it needs to distance itself from Civil War.



If this storyline wants to succeed, it needs to distance itself from Civil War.
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