Story by Junpei Inuzuka

Art by Takaaki Kugatsu

Character Design by Katsumi Enami

Translated by Amanda Haley

Lettering by Lys Blakeslee

Food is one of life’s many pleasures, and many manga excel in showcasing its wonder. Still, while you can find titles like Food Wars that transform cooking into a heated competition, sometimes you want a more laid-back experience. That’s where Restaurant to Another World shines, crafting a comforting gourmet experience that also mixes in some fun fantasy elements.

Restaurant to Another World centers on Western Restaurant Nekoya, a popular eatery known for its delicious food. While the restaurant is open on weekdays for normal clients, Saturdays are reserved for special guests: fantastical beings. Creatures from all walks of life arrive at Nekoya to ease their hunger, and the owner and his waitress Aletta are ready to serve what their hearts desire.

The series takes the isekai genre and presents a fun spin on its formula. Each chapter is framed from the perspective of a fantasy customer, as they encounter Nekoya and the cuisine of the human world. While Nekoya’s dishes are recognizable to the reader, seeing the reactions of the unfamiliar customers are incredibly entertaining. Each of the travelers end up in awe at the high quality of the food, being served meals completely foreign to them. One of the most memorable instances is when the owner serves a tofu steak to a vegan elf, leading her to describe its flavor in meticulous detail. Restaurant to Another World demonstrates the beauty of even the most commonplace food, showing that anything can be delicious.

The biggest draw of this manga is easily Takaaki Kugatsu’s artwork. Kugatsu ensures that every dish in Nekoya looks beautiful and mouth-watering. This helps create an immersive experience during the dining scenes, allowing the reader to easily relate to the customers. The visual pacing of the meals is also wonderfully done, slowly building to the customer’s reaction to their meal. The manga draws in the reader like any restaurant, showing the enticing pleasure that it can offer.

Restaurant to Another World is a fun read that blends the familiar elements of fantasy and food into one delicious package. It’s a relaxing manga that will make you wish you could visit Nekoya yourself. Remember to keep some food handy, because this manga will hit all your cravings.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

Restaurant to Another World (manga), Volume 1

Restaurant to Another World is a fun read that blends the familiar elements of fantasy and food into one delicious package.


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