By Gerry Duggan, Patrick Zircher and Java Tartaglia

This month in Savage Avengers, we get a story focusing on an unlikely team, similar to the Savage Avengers themselves. Magik, Black Knight and Juggernaut join Conan on his quest to retrieve the second eye of Agamoto from Sadutang, an Asgardian dragon.

Magik has been a character that has been jumping up my favorites lists. She’s just an awesome mutant who has an attitude and is extremely powerful; what’s not to love there. Black Knight is a criminally underused character, but with his appearance in the new Eternals movie, it makes sense for Marvel to push him a little. Juggernaut has a new series out currently and has ties to Magik, he’s an odd choice for the group, but it’s always cool to see him. Duggan writes the issue well, and gives each of the new characters a page or two to justify who they are and what they can do. Conan has been the featured character for most of this run, and Duggan has done an outstanding job of integrating him to the Marvel universe. In this issue, Duggan shows Conan devise a plan of attack to take down the Asgardian dragon. This issue works because it feels different from the long Kulan Gath storyline, but it’s still connected. Not having everything focus on Conan isn’t a bad thing, and this does inject some new personalities and life into the series.

The pencils this issue are handled by Patrick Zircher with colors by Java Tartaglia. Zircher is a stud as an artist. His lines are always clean and crisp and his images are great to look at. You might not see a better page of klan members getting beat up than in this issue. The battle pages with the dragon look great too. The Black Knight swooping in on his winged horse as he slices the dragon in the back is an amazing panel to look at. The colors by Java Tartaglia are just as effective as Zircher’s pencils. Sadutang’s red color is eye catching. It’s not vibrant, but it’s just the perfect color of red. Something as simple as a dimly lit bar is perfectly colored from Tartaglia. For as intriguing as the story is, the art can also make or break a book. Savage Avengers was lucky enough to have two very good artists work on this issue.

Savage Avengers #14 was an exciting step for the series. Gerry Duggan made the series fresh again by switching up the cast and diverting from the main story for a couple of issues. The pencils by Zircher and colors by Tartaglia are amazing. This is the best Savage Avengers has been in a while.

8.0 10


Savage Avengers #14

This is the best Savage Avengers has been in a while.

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