Story by Hajime Kanzaka

Illustrations by Hajime Kanzaka

Translated by Elizabeth Ellis

Edited by Megan Denton

Lina and Gourry’s adventures continue in Slayers Volume 3! After a man claiming to be Rezo places a bounty on their heads, our heroes are on the run once again. As they head towards Sairaag to resolve their troubles, they encounter some familiar allies and dangerous foes.

While the previous volume of Slayers felt like an interesting detour, Volume 3 feels more in line with the first volume of the series. The story directly builds upon Lina’s previous conflict with Rezo and the ramifications of its outcome. The return of characters such as Zelgadis and Rezo gives this story a greater weight that wouldn’t be found in another self-contained adventure.

One of the highlights of this volume was the return of Lantz from Volume 2. While Lantz is a formidable swordsman, his combat skills are easily dwarfed by his Lina and her other allies. That said, this gap in power is what makes Lantz so compelling. Lantz’s fight against Vizea is one of the most exciting parts of this volume, due to the sheer amount of effort it takes Lantz to defeat his foe. It’s a shame he doesn’t get much spotlight in later volumes, because having a more grounded character like Lantz further enhances the world of Slayers.

This volume also brings in some new allies, particularly the princess of Sairaag – Sylphiel. As a shrine maiden, Sylphiel stands out among the rougher sorcerers and swordsmen on Lina’s side. She’s more soft spoken and serves in a support role in Lina’s group. Her prior connections to Gourry also provides an entertaining dynamic within the team, while also easing her introduction into the story. She’s a solid addition to the growing cast of Slayers.

The antagonists this time around are what you’d expect from Slayers, but that’s perfectly fine. The most recurring of them is Vrumugun, a sorcerer that remotely controls a series of homunculi. While Vrumungun doesn’t have much depth, the mystery surrounding their identity serves as an interesting plot thread for the story.

These mysteries further extend to the ominous Copy Rezo, who resembles the original Rezo in both appearance and strength. While the original Rezo’s motivations were tied to his tragic circumstances, Copy Rezo is driven by the cruelty of his own existence and his hatred of Rezo. Copy Rezo wants to leave the shadow of his counterpart, even at the cost of other lives. Due to his destructive nature, it’s hard to sympathize with Copy Rezo’s circumstances, but his mindset brings a greater sense of tension to the narrative conflict. Copy Rezo isn’t breaking new ground for Slayers, but he’s thoroughly entertaining.

Slayers continues to be an exciting read that satisfies the itch for action and intrigue. This volume effectively built upon the previous events of the series, while providing some satisfying moments for readers to enjoy. Don’t get into trouble like Lina and give this a read!

8.0 10

Loved it

Slayers, Volume 3

Slayers continues to be an exciting read that satisfies the itch for action and intrigue.


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