By Kelly Thompson, Javier Pina, Jay Leisten, Filipe Andrade, Jesus Aburtov and Chris O’ Halloran

All right folks, comics are officially back on shelves this week! While it wasn’t a booming week for new books, new books on the shelves are always a good thing. While not officially out yet, I’m reviewing Star #4. This will be spoiler free, so there is no need to worry about secrets or big plot details being ruined.

The last time we saw Star, she had run into Captain Marvel, and to make matters worse, the Black Order found out about and were also planning to attack. This issue picks up right in the thick of a battle between Star and Captain Marvel. Kelly Thompson knows both of these characters well, and she co-created Star. When they battle one another, the banter is good, and we can see from Carol’s perspective that she truly does want to help Ripley. Thompson writes Star as a stubborn younger sibling trying to prove that they know what they’re doing, even though they really don’t. Thompson’s portrayal of Ripley is what makes this book work so well. She’s flawed and headstrong, but as we read it, we still root for her. The Black Order are one of the cooler new villain groups to come out over the past decade. Their appearance in this issue, and their plan to attack, make it all the more interesting to read. Thompson gives us a flashback and some background about Ripley’s time in the Raft. These pages are integral to why Star is the way she is. Writing a solo for a new character can be difficult, but Kelly Thompson has been killing it with Star!

The pencils this issue are handled by a few different artists, Javier Pina with Jay Leisten and Filipe Andrade. The colors were done by Jesus Aburtov and Chris O’Halloran. Pencils look great here in all honesty. Star and Captain Marvel battling takes up a decent chunk of the issue, but Pina’s pencils and Leisten’s inks make these panels easy on the eyes. As Carol punches through Ripley’s armor, we see surprise on Ripley’s face. It’s a great looking reaction to a shock to the character. The Black order look dark and mysterious as they hide in the shadows. The colors by Aburtov and O’Halloran look amazing this issue too. As the Black Order watch the battle between Carol and Ripley, we can see just the slightest amount of light on the top of Corvis Glave’s hood. It’s a little piece of a page, but it’s that kind of attention to detail that makes the colors on this book excel.

Star #4 is the first new Marvel comic I’ve read since shops were closed due to the Corona Virus. It just felt really good to be reading new stuff again. It helped that this issue of Star was very well done on all fronts. Kelly Thompson continued her amazing story about one of the more popular female characters to come out in the past couple of years. The art team couldn’t have done a better job here either. Star is a breakout character ready to take the next step!

8.0 10

Star #4

Star #4

Star is a breakout character ready to take the next step!

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