By Kelly Thompson, Javier Pina, Filipe Andrade and Jesus Aburtov

We’ve reached the finale of the first Star series this week. Star has been a character that has walked both paths in comics. She was a villain first, then attempted to do some good things, and now she’s kind of stuck in this anti-hero spot. We have no idea what the future will hold for Star, but so far, she’s been a fun character to read about.

Star #5 brings everything to a head in the final issue. Ripley deals with the Black Order, while also dealing with Captain Marvel and also battling her own inner demons. That’s a lot of turmoil for a young and inexperienced hero. Kelly Thompson has done a good job of allowing Ripley to slowly figure things out. We’re used to heroes just doing the right thing immediately and becoming beloved. That’s not the case with Star. She has a lot of issues to deal with, and she’s not exactly sure how to handle them all. There isn’t a guide on how to handle super powers or be a proper hero. One thing that Thompson also does well this issue, is flesh out the Black Order a little. We see Corvus actually get a tad sentimental and show care for his team. We also see how much he respects Proxima opinion, as he listens to what she has to say for their plans. Thompson sets Star up to be a morally gray character in this series. We never really know what she’s going to do next, and we hope she makes the right choice. This is what makes Star a compelling character. At the end of the day, much like the infinity stone inside of her, she’s unpredictable.

The pencils this issue are handled by Javier Pina and Filipe Andrade with colors by Jesus Aburtov. There are two styles present in this issue, the flash back sequences, and the present day. The flashback panels look great; they have an older feel to them and the colors by Aburtov look perfectly scratchy. The present day panels also work very well for this issue. As Corvus, Star and Captain Marvel get sucked into Black Swan’s tech device from last issue, the characters look genuinely scared and Corvus’ bottom half disappearing into the device is cool. The colors are amazing all throughout this book. Deep blues and gorgeously bright pinks are seen all throughout the issue. The art this issue works because the two artists are very talented and draw great pictures, and the colors are vibrant and jump off the page.

Star #5 was a fitting end to the first mini series for a new character. Kelly Thompson knows this character well, and will make us love her sooner or later. The pencils and colors are the cherry on top of the issue that makes it stand out further. Star is a hero we need to see more of!

7.0 10


Star #5

Star is a hero we need to see more of!

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