Original Story by Ken Liu

Adapted by Akira Fukaya, Haruichi, Akira Himekawa, Subaru, and Takashi Kisaki

Cover Illustration by Akira Himekawa

Translation & Communication by Satsuki Yamashita

Cover & Interior Design by Jimmy Presler

Edited by Fawn Lau

Senior Editing by Robert Simpson
Creative Direction by Michael Siglain

Lucasfilm Story by Matt Martin, Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee, and Emily Shkoukani

Lucasfilm Art by Phil Szostak

Star Wars is by far one of the most influential franchises of the past several decades and it’s easy to see why. From its memorable cast of characters to its vast universe, the sci-fi epic continues to draw people in. As the franchise has expanded, the landscape of Star Wars media has grown alongside it, and this includes the world of manga. Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker showcases a slew of talented manga creators, as they craft their own interpretations of the iconic Star Wars world.

Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker contains four different stories that are each drawn by a different artist. While there is no connecting narrative between these stories, they all include Luke Skywalker in some form. That said, rather than frame the stories from Luke’s perspective, the manga opts to have an outside character serve as a narrator. These characters tell the tales of how they met Luke and how they feel about him. It allows us to see the impact Luke has had on those around him in a new way, showing his heroics on a more humble level. Luke is also characterized differently within each story. While one story may portray him as brave and stoic, another story will shift his personality to showcase his kindness and vulnerability. Luke is a multi-faceted individual and by having these different perspectives, he becomes a more fascinating and complex character.

The variety of art styles is one of the huge draws of this manga, and it lives up to expectations. Each artist draws Star Wars drastically differently, matching their visuals to each narrative’s tone and the interpretation of Luke. Akira Himekawa’s depiction of Luke in “Big Inside” is especially fantastic, giving the hero a more mature appearance to coincide with his conflicted mental state. Despite the different artwork, each artist still creates a world that feels equally true to the world of Star Wars, transforming the manga into an immersive visual experience.

Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker is a creative melting pot, allowing its artists to present their own unique take on the beloved protagonist. Between its stellar visuals and narrative variety, this manga is a fun addition to the franchise. If you need some more Star Wars in your life, this is definitely worth checking out.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker – The Manga


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