Artwork by Junji Ito

Translated by Jocelyne Allen

Graphic Design by Adam Grano

Edited by Masumi Washington

For over 30 years, Junji Ito has blessed readers with some of the best horror in manga. There are numerous qualities that have made Ito’s work compelling, most prominently his unique artwork. The Art of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions showcases the full extent of Ito’s artistic talent, a collection that spans decades of his artwork in a single compilation.

Twisted Visions contains over 130 images from throughout Ito’s, and it’s easily some of his finest work. His most popular series Tomie and Uzumaki get their own dedicated sections in the book, showcasing some of their most iconic moments. Even seeing the art from these stories out of context brings an immediate shiver down your spine, evoking the same horror as in the stories themselves. This is further conveyed in the “Other Works” section of the book, which contains a variety of art pieces from Ito’s other series. From Dissolving Classroom to Ito’s Frankenstein adaptation, the artistic range on display in this section is astounding. Ito’s creativity is fully evident here, and this book serves as a perfect tribute to his talents.

Beyond the artwork, Twisted Visions also provides insight on Ito himself. The book includes a lengthy interview with Ito, where he discusses his influences and passion for art. Also included is an index, where Ito comments on every image in the book. Ito is surprisingly frank in this section, discussing his approach to each art piece and even critiquing his illustrations. It’s rare to be able to delve into the mind of an artist, but Twisted Visions allows readers to do just that.

Twisted Visions is a must-have for Junji Ito fans, allowing readers to admire his artwork in a high-quality release. Having the prolific creator’s artwork compiled into a single book is a sight to behold, and it creates an engrossing experience. Sometimes even horror has its beauty.

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The Art of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions

Twisted Visions is a must-have for Junji Ito fans, allowing readers to admire his artwork in a high-quality release.


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