Manga by Yoshiyuki Miwa

Original Story by Shinogi Kazanami

Original Character Design by Makai no Jumin

Original Book Design by ansyyqdesign

Translated by Nathan Takase

The adventures of The New Gate continue in its second volume. So far, Shin hasn’t had much trouble in this new world, but he still seeks more information about his surroundings. In the process, he encounters some interesting people and plenty of monsters.

While the first volume of The New Gate did a solid job of fleshing out its fantasy world, Shin was on his own for the majority of his adventures. While this helped establish his character, it made the story feel isolated at times. Luckily, the second volume quickly resolves this issue by giving Shin new allies. The first addition is Yuzuha, a member of the powerful monster Elementail race that forms a contract with Shin. While Yuzuha can’t traditionally speak, their presence in the story gives Shin someone to interact with on a regular basis, allowing for some lighthearted banter to take place. This reduces how much time is spent in Shin’s mind, and it leads to the narrative flowing more naturally.

Outside of his monster companion, Shin also becomes acquainted with the adventurer Wilhelm. In the previous volume, Wilhelm’s brief interaction with Shin made him seem antagonistic, but his looks are deceiving. Wilhelm uses his recognition to protect the orphanage he grew up in, which faces hostility from members of the church. Shin’s interest in the church’s secrets allows him and Wilhelm to find a common ground and work together to protect the orphanage from danger. The two of them have a great dynamic, especially in the midst of battle. Wilhelm’s headstrong personality serves as a nice contrast to Shin’s laid-back demeanor, and provides some much needed variety to the series’ tone. Shin is no longer facing the world alone, and it’s fantastic to see.

Once again, The New Gate delves upon the intricacies of its world, and there’s some meaningful information to pick apart. In particular, Shin comes across multiple concepts that weren’t present in the game world. The most notable of these are Chosen Ones, individuals who are born with abnormally powerful abilities. Coincidentally, Wilhelm is considered to be a Chosen One, which makes him capable of wielding the weapon Venom. Shin compares Chosen Ones to a “Rebirth” system, and it poses whether this fills the void of Shin’s high human race. Another interesting power is the orphan Millie’s precognitive abilities. While oracles existed in the game, Shin notes that their powers seem to act quite differently in this world. Millie’s predictions involve events and information that she has no way of knowing, and are seemingly always accurate. Even more interesting, Millie has given predictions to several people from Shin’s past, possibly alluding that Shin will encounter them in the future. The New Gate is posing more questions, but it’s crafting a world that is truly fascinating.

Yoshiyuki Miwa’s artwork continues to impress. Since the latter half of this volume is dedicated to Shin and Wilhelm fighting monsters, there is plenty of room for Miwa to showcase their detailed panels and sequences. The battles are well choreographed and the manga is effective in conveying the impact of Shin and Wilhelm’s strikes. The monster designs are also commendable. While there tends to be hordes of enemies, each monster class looks distinct. This also ties into the power difference between these monsters, as you can clearly identify the most dangerous creatures. Miwa’s artwork enhances the reading experience and helps make The New Gate a consistently engrossing manga.

The New Gate is doing a solid job of expanding its world, making it a worthwhile investment for readers. Wilhelm and Yuzuha are great new additions to the cast, and they help keep the series thoroughly entertaining. The story may still be in its early stages, but it’s engaging every step of the way.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

The New Gate, Volume 2

The New Gate is doing a solid job of expanding its world, making it a worthwhile investment for readers.


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