By Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca and GURU-eFX

Alien #1 is the first Alien comic put out by Marvel, so this issue could be a make or break book for the series. Marvel is an intelligent company though, and they know that this series important for the future of the property, which is why they put top tier talent on the book. Phillip Kennedy Johnson is a hot writer right now, he’s doing Superman too you know, and for me, the art doesn’t get much better than Salvador Larroca. With that said, this is lined up to be a good series with some good people in charge of it.

Alien #1 starts off like one of the films, a military man keeps having nightmares about the creatures. Kennedy Johnson introduces us to a new alien Queen of sorts. I like this idea of there being a mix of human and Alien. It makes the creatures more terrifying because they have something that can potentially think and speak. As our military man retires, we are introduced to his estranged son. Kennedy Johnson is building a story for these characters very early, which works. It doesn’t feel like anything is forced. As a reader, we’re generally interested in this relationship and why the son dislikes his father. Kennedy Johnson throws us a curve ball near the end of the issue and sets up the horrible things to come. As an introductory issue, this was very satisfying. I’m a big horror film guy too, and this issue was very creepy. Kennedy Johnson sets the tone for this series with this issue, and so far it feels like an Alien movie.

The pencils this issue are handled by Salvador Larroca with colors by GURU-eFX. Bad art, or art that doesn’t fit the story can sink a book, that’s not the case here. Salvador Larroca’s work is amazing this issue. His lines are clean and every panel is a pleasure to the eyes. When all the aliens are gathered together in Gabe’s dream, the spread page could be a pin up you put on your wall. The aliens look exactly like they do in the films too, and the dark colors for these panels by GURU-eFX work extremely well with Larrocca’s pencils. The contrasting colors on panels of the human beings and the aliens is top notch. Larroca and GURU-eFX absolutely kill the art duties for this book.

Alien #1 is a really good first issue into Marvel’s Alien-verse. The script by Phillip Kennedy Johnson is not just interesting, it’s also a little terrifying. You honestly won’t find better art in a comic book this week than the duo of Salvador Larroca and GURU-eFX. it’s absolutely stunning. Alien #1 is a book that will quench all your horror and sci-fi thirsts.

9.0 10


Alien #1

Alien #1 is a book that will quench all your horror and sci-fi thirsts.

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