By Zeb Wells, Patrick Gleason and Marcio Menyz

There are certain properties at Marvel that signify you’ve hit the big time as a writer. Amazing Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most important property that Marvel owns, so writing that book, even if it’s just for a brief period of time, means Marvel has faith in your abilities as a writer.  Nick Spencer’s long run has ended, and now we’re moving on to a new creative team, which features a few writers like Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson and Patrick Gleason. These writers all bring a different approach to the characters and material, so this should make for an interesting run.

Zeb Wells does most of the heavy lifting this issue as he writes the main story and one of the backups. Wells gives us a Peter Parker who is battling survivors guilt and constantly remembering the people he’s failed. A down on his luck Peter is pretty much when he’s at his best, but his luck may be changing. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Ben Reilly enters the picture. Wells writes ben as a breath of fresh air. He has new gadgets and is enthusiastic about being Spider-Man again. Ben is a good compliment to Peter in this issue. There are touching moments between Peter and MJ where Wells really nails down who these two are and how much they mean to each other. Wells gives Mary Jane a good voice and shows how much she cares for her best friend and lover. She knows whenever Ben Reilly shows up, bad things usually follow. For a first issue, this story hits a lot of good beats and starts us off on a high note. Zeb Wells has a knack for always giving us a good story that has some heartache in it too, and this issue seems to be starting off the run the same way. Amazing Spider-Man seems to be in good hands.

The pencils this issue are handled by Patrick Gleason with colors by Marcio Menyz. Gleason is no longer an up and coming artists, he’s been arrived and established. His pencils look great in this issue, especially when he has panels showing Mary Jane concerned about Peter. Gleason gives her such a realistic look and shows her pain as she talks to Peter. Pages where Peter and Ben have dinner should be standard snooze fest panels, but Gleason composes the page layout to make it interesting. We even get a panel of Peter doing air quotes, which is hilarious. The colors by Marcio Menyz are amazing too. Pages where Spider-Man is swinging through the air look great as the shading is perfect and the red from his suit really shines. The U-Foes leap off the pages as they are all colored vibrantly. Pink, Green and even Gray jump out at you as you turn the page. The pencils and colors honestly rule this issue. This art team really knocks it out of the park.

Amazing Spider-Man #75 is off to a great start. Zeb Wells has lined up an interesting and engaging story that respects both Peter and Ben Reilly. The pencils and colors look good on the page and truly help sell this book. The work the artists put in make this an easy and enjoyable read. Amazing Spider-Man is in good hands and off to a great start.


8.0 10


Amazing Spider-Man #75

Amazing Spider-Man is in good hands and off to a great start.

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