Story & Art by Nanashi

Edited by Kristi Fernandez (Volume 3) & Ajani Oloye (Volume 4)

Translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian

Production by Risa Cho & Eve Grandt

In its early volumes, Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro felt like it had reached a status-quo. While this isn’t a bad thing, it seemed as though the series intended to keep it’s premise static in nature. This makes Miss Nagatoro’s third and fourth volumes a surprise in some regards, as it doesn’t stay complacent with its existing humor. In fact, Nagatoro and Senpai’s relationship is gradually changing.

A common complaint of many romantic comedies is that the tension between characters can be grossly drawn out. Miss Nagatoro is not purely a romance story, but its handling of those elements is admirable nonetheless. This is especially true for how the series has framed Senpai’s attachment to Nagatoro. It’s been apparent since the first volume that Nagatoro has feelings for Senpai, but Senpai appears to be more conflicted. It’s hard to deny that Nagatoro’s early interactions with Senpai were cruel, and while he may have previously had animosity towards her, Senpai’s growing accustomed to her presence. The non-school chapters of the series reveal that Senpai can have genuine fun with Nagatoro, whether it’s playing video games or enjoying a festival. While Senpai may think he wants peace and quiet, part of him can’t deny that Nagatoro has become a refreshing part of his life.

As usual, Nanashi’s artwork continues to be one of the standout aspects of the series. The series’ countless reactions for both Nagatoro and Senpai are hilarious and memorable, perfectly accompanying the already solid humor. Nagatoro’s faces of shock and jealousy in front of her friends are especially great, breaking down her snarky exterior as she flusters over the given situation. Miss Nagatoro’s art and comedy is the perfect combination.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro continues to be an entertaining manga that effectively mixes its humor with meaningful character moments. Nagatoro and Senpai are growing closer and their wacky antics haven’t lost steam. This is one manga that you certainly should toy with.

7.0 10

Really Enjoyed It

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, Volumes 3 & 4


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