On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Colton & Lum cover the news from the past month, including the yearly Oricon list of the top selling manga and light novel series, and you won’t believe what the highest selling manga of the year was (no, it wasn’t Demon Slayer again). We also discuss our most anticipated licenses from the past month, as well as a lot of exciting anime news, including some from Netflix! Enjoy!

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00:00 – RIP Yoshiko Ohta

02:09 – Intro/Patreon News

05:37 – NYT Graphic Books & Manga List for November

07:49 – Bookscan List for October

13:38 – Oricon Top Selling Manga of 2021

26:09 – Oricon Top Selling Light Novels of 2021

30:42 – Red Hood & Neru end

36:59 – Interviews with Monster Girls ends with 11th volume

37:38 – Dead Dead Demon’s Dedededestruction ending soon

38:29 – Hiromu Arakawa’s new series Yomi no Shigai starts on December 10th

40:20 – New Poe Clan series starts in 2022

41:13 – Sho Aimoto pens new JoJo: Stone Ocean spinoff one-shot

42:25 – Hiroaki Samura draws 1-shot about his relationship with former Afternoon editor, Yuri

43:13 – Go Nagai draws short manga about his and Tezuka’s 1980 trip to SDCC

44:12 – Monthly Young Magazine combines with Yamaga web

45:24 – Manga Planet adds Kodansha USA manga to their service

46:27 – Yuri Hub offers English translated manga by Ayu Inui

47:18 – Suzuhito Yasuda confirms Bootsleg coming this January in English

50:23 – Colton’s Licensing Highlights:

  • Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut
  • I’m a Terminal Cancer Patient, but I’m Fine
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga
  • When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace
  • Prison Life is Easy for a Villainess
  • My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World
  • See You Tomorrow at the Food Court
  • The Geek Ex-Hitman
  • Go, Go, Loser Ranger!
  • Fenrir

1:06:28 – Lum’s Licensing Highlights:

  • The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague
  • Sasaki and Pichan
  • Nana & Kaoru
  • Avant-garde Yumeko
  • In the Clear Moonlit Dusk
  • Run Away With Me, Girl
  • Shonen Note: Boy Soprano
  • Go For It Again, Nakamura
  • Forget Being the Villainess, I Want to Be an Adventurer!
  • The Slayers audiobooks

1:19:17 – Seven Seas licenses Tokyo Revengers for physical 2-in-1 omnibi release

1:21:45 – U.S. Department of Justice files lawsuit to halt Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon and Schuster

1:23:35 – Shueshia’s legal action pushes japanese pirate site MangaBank to go offline

1:25:38 – Tetsuya Chiba hospitalized

1:26:40 – Masaaki Yuasa receives Japan Medal with Purple Ribbon

1:27:58 – Vampire Hunter D novels get audiobook releases

1:28:41 – My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission NA box office totals

1:30:28 – GKids licenses Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

1:31:07 – One Piece Film: Red announced

1:32:44 – Spy x Family anime details

1:33:52 – Detective Conan anime spin off updates

1:37:02 – Tiger & Bunny Season 2 coming to Netflix

1:41:13 – Seven Deadly Sins sequel movie coming to Netflix

1:42:44 – Live-action Yu Yu Hakusho release date

1:43:52 – Live-action One Piece cast announced

1:46:51 – Netflix adding Stand By Me Doraemon films on December 24th

1:48:30 – Saint Seiya leaves Netflix on December 14th

1:50:24 – Julius Avery to direct live-action Hollywood Gantz

1:51:47 – Gintama: The Very Final coming to Blu-ray and DVD

1:54:13 – Community Shout-outs!:

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Colton is just your regular glasses wearing nerd residing in Saint Louis, Misery (that's a joke) who loves reading and collecting manga as a hobby and also records too many podcasts! He started off his podcasting escapades in 2013 when he created Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast, which was a show dedicated to Gintama and its past English release of the manga. From there he became the co-host of shows such as the Manga Corner from Anime3000, Heavenly Kings, One Podcast Prevails and many more. Colton first discovered manga back in 2006 when he bought his first issue of Shonen Jump, and ever since then, his love and passion for manga took off from there! His favorite titles include Sket Dance, Eyeshield 21, My Hero Academia and much, much more. Colton can be found frequenting sites such as Anilist and Twitter under the handle of sniperking323.

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