By Chip Zdarsky, Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollingsworth

Peter Parker always seems to find himself in the worst situations. in Spider-Man Spider’s Shadow #5, the symbiote has infected all of Peter’s friends and they are all attacking him. What’s the end game for the web head? how can he save the city and his friends with the least amount of casualties? Will Peter ever just be able to be happy? These questions will get answered as the story comes to a close.

Chip Zdarsky has done a great job on this title. What if books are usually always a fun read, but this one has been particularly good. Zdarsky highlights how much Peter is loved by those who know him. Mary Jane, Johnny Storm and Sue Storm risk their lives to help Peter and the people close to them. Zdarsky also makes the symbiote a formidable villain. As Peter goes through Reed’s lab looking for something to stop the symbiote with, the symbiote knows what is in there and that there is no threat to them. This is a dangerous twist on the alien that could wreak havoc in the future. Zdarsky writes all the characters in this book well. For me, Sue Storm steals the show. Her care and concern for everyone and Zdarsky showing off her raw power as she tackles several infected friends is one of the cooler moments in the issue. The end of the story is a satisfactory one. It’s good enough that you want to see where things could go under Zdarsky if he would write another part.

The pencils this issue are handled by Pasqual Ferry with colors by Matt Hollingsworth. The pencils work well for this issue as they always allow us to clearly see what Zdarsky envisioned. Ferry draws an infected Reed that is genuinely creepy as he terrifies friends and loved ones. Ferry makes this book, which takes place in the daylight, a legit scares as characters like Captain America flash a mouth full of sharp teeth and attack our beloved heroes. Matt Hollingsworth’s colors add to the terror. He uses a light color palette for his work, but the material is much darker than we see. There is a funeral at the end of the issue that is colored wonderfully. The sky is dark and gloomy, which matches the mood. The pencils and colors work eerily well for the story being told.

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #5 was a good read that had a few surprising twists. Chip Zdarsky is one of the most underrated writers in comics. Everything he touches is met with a level of quality and care that you don’t see in other writers. The pencils and colors are both done well and compliment the story. This series has been a nice surprise and a well added addition to the What If? mythos.

8.0 10


Spider-Man Spider’s Shadow #5

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow #5 was a good read that had a few surprising twists.

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