By Donny Cates, Nic Klein and Matt Wilson

This week marks the end of Thor’s prey story line. As a reader, Thor is a great character to have on a team and to interact with members of the Avengers, but his solo title was never something that interested me. This arc, Cates run in general, has made me rethink my opinion. It’s to the point where Thor has almost become a must read title for me. It is one of the first books i read each week, because the story has been that exciting. What will happen to Donald Blake? How will Thor react to seeing Odin? Where does Loki fit into all of this? These questions are answered and more importantly, they are satisfying.

Donny Cates is known to hype up his own books, who can blame him for that, and usually, the pay off is good. The ending of this arc seems almost perfect. If you’ve been waiting for Donald Blake to get his comeuppance, you’re in luck. Thor does not take kindly to Blake hurting and killing his friends, and Cates makes a point to show this. Thor is a powerful hero as it is, but Cates puts him in Destroyer armor too, which is almost twice the punishment. Here’s the thing though, Cates writes Blake so well, that we almost feel bad for him at the end of all this. Ultimately, what makes this issue and overall arc work, is that Cates writes things that make sense, Characters act naturally and they don’t do stupid things to further the plot.

The pencils this issue are handled by Nic Klein with colors by Matt Wilson. There is a great two page spread in  this issue where Thor in Destroyer armor punches Blake in the face. Klein nails this image, and it’s not his only one that will stick with you after you put the book down. There is also a great panel where Beta Ray Bill handles Mjolnir. The colors by Matthew Wilson rock this issue too. Wilson does a great job of using dark backgrounds for much of the issue, except when there is some sort of mystical power illuminating the page. Wilson also uses great shading at the end of the issue, which features Loki creeping in the shadows. Overall, the pencils and colors work very well with what Donny Cates is writing for us.

Thor #14 wraps up nicely, and serves as a fitting end to a wonderful arc. Donny Cates continues to give fans what they want with Thor. The pencils and colors by Klein and Wilson are what you want to see in a mystical book like this. Thor is a series that never fails to exceed expectations.

8.0 10


Thor #14

Thor is a series that never fails to exceed expectations.

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